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Killzone: Shadow Fall

Guerrilla Games Is Using Its Characters' Designs To Help Tell A Story

We know that Guerrilla Games secured exceptional voice talent for two of Killzone: Shadow Fall’s main characters. Now we’ve learned more about the design philosophy behind them.

In an interview with the PlayStation Blog, Dan Calvert, assistant art director at Guerilla Games, discussed the characters’ physical designs, their motivations, and why these decisions should matter to the player.

Echo, for example, is an elite Helghast operative, and she dresses like one. Her armor looks like it should be worn on the battlefield, not in the bedroom. 

“The central pillar behind our costume design is functionality and practicality,” Calvert said. “Echo’s costume is mostly built from the same combat gear used by our most elite enemies – whilst she is an elite, she is still a professional soldier in the Helghast army and gets few special privileges.” 

The actors’ likenesses are used for the character models, but some tweaking is required to further emphasize a character’s traits. For example, David Harewood, who lends his face and voice to Sinclair, leader of the Vektan Security Agency, will see his face digitally aged to better show a man weary from a lifetime of difficulties.

“We don’t want to spend time on lengthy exposition, so we wanted to make sure that when you first see a character you understand exactly who they are, their relation to you, their personality and history and so on,” Calvert said.

Killzone: Shadow Fall is a PlayStation 4 launch title. You can expect to play it at the end of this year.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

  • I can respect that. Seems kind of strange for them to draw attention to it, like they want to show off how progressive they are. That being said, I am glad whenever people choose alternatives to the typical battle-bra outlook on females' armor.
  • Red satin doesn't seem very battle worthy :P
  • Looks interesting, I will definitely try this one out.

  • Probably my most anticipated next-gen launch title for both consoles. Seems to be coming together nicely, too.
  • I seriously need to start playing Killzone 3.

  • I love the Killzone series like few others. The allegory for human conflict reborn again and again, repeating because no side ever truly learns from the past and perpetuates the cycles of blame and vengeance is a phenomenal one and so rarely executed, let alone executed well. Understandable considering the starkly depressing qualities of such a message, but frankly a necessary one in my mind. Guerrilla knocked it out of the park coupling solid gameplay with great narrative, and the promise of more entries gets me giddy like a giggling ***.

  • I really do like the Killzone PS4 bundle on Amazon. It's definitely the one that I'll get when I pick up a PS4 within the next year.

  • I wasn't a huge fan of KZ3, but it looks like they're really putting in a lot of effort to take the series to the next level with Shadow Fall. Got it paid off for launch day. Can't wait!

  • WWII an post-WWII allegories, an interesting backstory and universe, solid shooting, and now a new female protagonist like in the first game. Keep it up guys!
  • In my opinion, Halo was actually one of the best examples when it comes to military women. Kat is a great example and in the anime there is a least one female spartan that without helmet you wouldn't even know she is a woman. Makes sense to me, because when you are in the battlefield, you should be more worried about the effectiveness of your equipment, rather than the flashiness of it.
  • So wait, is she a protagonist or just a character? In either case I'm really itching for a Helghast campaign. On a more related note I love her design, especially how the hood is shaped just like the snipers from the other games, really clever touch.
  • Not only does matching a voice-actor's real-life face for the motion and facial capture better help the acting in a game, you just know it's setting up the possibility for easy live-action movie casting. Betcha that Mr. Avi "Let's make a movie for this game too!" Arad is opening director calls for Killzone the movie right as we speak. :P

  • A must have for the PS4 at launch.
  • I think it's great that Guerrilla is trying to make a more engrossing story. That said, I would like to see more of the multiplayer side of things.

  • I hope this game doesn't suck and turns out to be good!

  • Killzone 2 was straight-up garbage. Killzone 3 was pretty slick though, however the story was just terrible. I played it in French and the result was simply hilarious. Then there's the ending... oh God that awful ending. I hope Killzone:Shadowfall realises that it is a mindless shooter and embraces that, rather than try to make me care about army dudes having brogasms and questioning the orders of their superiors, because they know what needs to be done.  

  • Can't wait. Got my PS4 reserved along with Killzone. now what else should I pre-order... inFamous is a must and the order looks awesome. I guess I'll also pick up some multiplatform games.
  • I can't wait for this game!

  • I'm sorry, but there is nothing practical about a "battle-hoodie." Wouldn't an elite operative need her peripheral vision?
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