For those of you who could not make Comic-Con this year, you missed the chance to board Ubisoft's pirate ship. However, the panel for Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag has been posted in its entirety for your viewing pleasure.

This video offers more details on the upcoming game and introduces fans to Matt Ryan, who plays Edward Kenway. Ryan talks about his experience bringing the next Assassin's Creed protagonist to life. He also talks about Kenway's struggles with choosing between joining the Assassins or the Templars.

A demo is also shown, but it is a little difficult to see unless you're in the audience. No worries, though. We've got you covered with a demo with added commentary from game director Ashraf Ismail.

In its entirety, the video clocks in at almost an hour, so make popcorn.

Does the panel make you want to see more of Black Flag? What questions do you still have for Ubisoft? Voice your opinion in the comments.