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See All Twelve Minutes Of The E3 Demo

Bungie's Destiny is already on the radar of most who are planning to upgrade to a next-generation console. As is typical from the developer, the communications campaign is a slow burn. New information emerges just when gamers think they can't take the wait any longer.

Today, we've got over ten minutes of footage from E3. Pay attention and you'll get a glimpse of the three different Guardian classes (Titan, Hunter, and Warlock), the individualized nature of loot drops, and weapon-based talent trees.

Destiny won't be here until next year, but when it does arrive, you'll be able to play it PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Interested in analysis of the demo? Matt Miller interviews Bungie president Harold Ryan to break it down for you.

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  • There are soooooo many games i want for the PS4, but this is the game I want the most!
  • Mod

    One of my most anticipated games. When I saw the live demo at the PS4 conference, I was really impressed. I'm extremely excited to get my hands on this game.

  • Nice to get footage with good sound and picture on it. Can't wait for Destiny! And I also can't wait to see what else Bungie has in store for the rest of the week leading up to Bungie Day.

  • Didn't they show this whole video already from the E3 coverage?
  • So glad it's not PS4 exclusive
  • I hope they give Peter Dinklage some funny lines.
  • Isn't this old news?
  • Destiny, The Division, Watch Dogs Battlefield 4.. thank God I just graduated college or I'd be in serious trouble with the PS4.
  • I wonder how large of a difference the 360 and ps3 game will be compared to the One and PS4. I'm thinking about holding off on buying the next gen for a bit to see how the release goes.
  • I use to be really excited, and then no form of pvp was shown. Not saying that I won't buy this or that I'm not going to be excited, but that was a dissapointment. I know there is pvp, but I just want it to be more widespread. The whole point of the story sounds like, "save humanity." I wanna be that part of humanity not worth saving. The one on distant planets trying to steal your goods and fighting for material against you.
  • Looks good, should look even better by release.

  • I feel sorry for anyone who gets this game on a current gen system. The PS4 and Xbox One version will blow the older ones out of the water.

    Also, I hate these E3 demos because the dialogue between the people playing is also so cheesy and forced. It makes me cringe when I watch it.
  • I am extremely excited for this. This is one of the games I pre-ordered when I pre-ordered my X1. Full supporter of Bungie right here.

  • Nice. Can't wait to play it on next gen consoles.

  • Well, besides their talking to each other, this looks really cool. I just hope my friends change their minds and actually buy next gen consoles.

  • every time i watch this it just gets better and better i cant wait to get this.

  • I'm a bit confused, why are you posting this now?

  • I hate when they have annoying people talk fakey during the game demo. It takes away from the experience.

  • Ok does anyone else see Halo here?
  • Man, this is what Defiance could be....  

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