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Next-Gen FIFA 14 Footage

The new systems come out this year, and although EA Sports' current-gen versions of FIFA will precede the new consoles, you'll still get next-gen footie this year.

Here's a quick teaser of the game courtesy of the official E3 trailer for the next-gen versions, as well as a few screenshots. If the footage itself doesn't do it for you, you can at least hear what some of the great players on Barcelona have to say.

FIFA 14 will come out this year for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (which hits in November). The current-gen versions are out on September 24.

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  • I am going to wait for the PS4 version even though I don't expect a massive leap in visuals for this first next gen FIFA game. But I am hoping for a greater step for FIFA 15.

    The game as a whole also needs to work on its youth development and I would like to see more detailed franchise management.

  • Skipped out on 13 so I might pick 14 up or I might wait for 15 when the next-gen has been out for awhile.

  • Just a heads up, those are FC Barcelona players, not Real Madrid players.
  • I really hope they make it so your Virtual Pro's accomplishments carry over from the 360 version to the X-1.
  • cant wait to get this for xbox one

  • FC Barca ftw

  • Got really excited when I read the description about Real players talking about FIFA...only to be disappointed by the same old Barca interviews. Come on, GI. Get your football teams straight.

  • Say Real Madrid but show Barcelona player instead, which is Real Madrid biggest rival..

    If this is a joke or troll, then well done.
  • like 4 americans are excited for this game, and like a billion people worldwide.

  • "you can at least hear what some of the great players on Real Madrid have to say"

    Maybe you should write Barcelona instead, Real Madrids biggest rivals..


    And where's the next-gen footage? All the "gameplay" is posten as pre-alpha gameplay...
  • If you guys were in Spain, someone would've come to your offices and killed you already. How dare you confuse Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

  • The shoddy crowd depiction is inexcusable.

  • It looks nice, but it seems as if Rayman already has better soccer kicking mechanics. :p

  • Wow. This is sooo interesting. Thank god they change the number each year. Otherwise we wouldn't be able to tell one from another.

  • Skipped out on 13, butt 14 looks worth a purchase