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Kingdom Hearts III

Sora's Wall Running And Keyblade Skills Shown In First Trailer

Our first look at Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts III is in trailer form.

Series hero Sora shows off some fresh moves as he parkours around a colorful city environment before taking his keyblade to a swarm of shadowy enemies.

Kingdom Hearts III is in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. No release date has been announced.

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  • graficaly mediocre...
  • I've never played the others and this looks really crisp and fun! Do the others have the same sort of feel? Should I play them?
  • Xbox One is not worthy of this title.
  • Finally!!! waiting is over!!
  • Am I the only one that's a little disappointed because this is for the XboxOne also? -_-
  • I saw xbox one on there

  • Ps4 KH3 bundle?  That I would buy

  • not to be THAT guy, but Sora and Riku had parkour moves in Dream Drop Distance.

    anyways, I cheered when I saw this, and received a lot of stares in return. And I couldn't care less. The wait has been too long.

  • I wish this was coming to the Wii U instead of the Xbox One or all 3 at least...

  • WiiU Version please

  • Can't wait! Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix, and likely a 2.5 HD Remix, should keep me busy until then :)

  • body - check.

    money - check.

    all ready! and now, the waiting continues.

  • kingdom hearts III is not in development for xbox one wtf is yall smoking
  • My childhood is not over yet!!!

  • It should also be out for the wiiU...don't know what square is thinking.

  • I want. Only one I didn't play was recoded. Bring it. Now.

  • I hope Tri Ace is working on this, like how they did outsourcing for, and co-developed, Final Fantasy XIII-2. The only Square game in recent times to come in on time and on budget. I don't want this to come out in 2019, y'know? Also, these games have traditionally had horrible, depth free, Dynasty Warriors-level combat. Just button mashy messes. The developer of Star Ocean could make a better battle system blindfolded than "Team Nomura". They can also write a less impenetrable, nonsensical story. And incorporate actual RPG mechanics like quest threads, NPCs and armor pieces that - when you equip it - actually show up on your character model. So I hope Square is working with another developer on this. So, y'know, it'll actually be GOOD. Unlike the last Kingdom Hearts games...
  • Just so people know the town is Trvers Town from a few of the kingdoms hearts games. The shadowy enemies are one of the main enemis called heartless the ones he is fighting are call shadows. Just to help people out with where sora is and who is fighting. I so cant wait for this game it has been a long time since theres numbered game.


  • I'm sorry, but I have to explain "a colorful city environment before taking his keyblade to a swarm of shadowy enemies." Sora is actually in Twilight Town, one of the first places you visit in KH2 and he's attacking a swarm of Heartless.