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Wolfenstein: The New Order

Going Off The Rails With Wolfenstein: The New Order

The next Wolfenstein game takes place in an alternate history 1960, where the Nazis won WWII. Last time we checked in with the Nazi-killing machine, B.J Blazkowicz, he stormed a German R&D facility. Developer Machine Games showed off a later gameplay section during an E3 presentation set about three quarters into the game. Blazkowicz navigates the wreckage of a destroyed monorail while picking off enemy soldiers in the debris.

Machine Games explains that B.J. uses mysterious technology – the same the Nazis are using – to blow up the train. The wreck occurs over the Strait of Gibralter. Presumably the Nazis have built a bridge connecting the southern tip of Spain to Africa, where the last bastion of Axis resistance resides. With the train destroyed, Blazkowicz begins hunting for identification papers.

 B.J. hops through destroyed train cars towards a lower section of the monorail. He drops through train sections that hang vertically, using shifted crates as a pathway down. Metal grates block the path, requiring B.J. to use his laser cannon to cut holes in them. Our hero crawls and leaps through the twisted remains of the locomotive, eventually landing on the crumbling concrete of the bridge’s lower section.

Surviving Nazis emerge from the rubble guns blazing. Heavily armored super soldiers join the regular rank and file, blasting at B.J. with huge gatling guns. On his way through the level, B.J. uses the huge machine gun to mow down enemies, blasts down flying drones with dual wielded shotguns, and banks grenades off walls with a launcher. The shooting gameplay looks slick and pretty, with the sun shining over the vast expanse of the sea in the background. The demo ends with a big Nazi bruiser sucker punching B.J. in the face.

Machine Games’ next chapter in the Wolfenstein series continues to impress. The what-if WWII scenario and light first-person platforming help Wolfenstein: The New Order stand apart from other shooters. We’re looking forward to gunning down more Third Reich jerks when it releases on current- and next-gen consoles near the end of the year.

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  • As much as I'm tired of shooters, nazis are bad and we have to stop them!
  • This game looks really good, but why does the main character's name have to be B.J???
  • Never been a fan of Wolfenstein, but I'm willing to give this one a shot.

  • Sounds really cool, and I like the interesting plot. Plus, I can't think of a protagonist with a better name lol.
  • If I am to purchase one of the next gen consoles or a high end PC, it will be to play this...first at least, then other stuff quickly after.
  • Where does he keep all of those weapons?!
  • I wonder if this game will come out on 3-14-14....

  • Everyone please stop ruining his name for me! Am i the only one who takes his name seriously?
  • I liked the 2009 Wolfenstein quite a bit, so if this game is anything like that, I'm pretty excited.

  • Remember now children, were history ever to deviate off its course in any of the slightest of ways, we would've had giant mechanized robotic death machines with lasers, lots and lots of lasers

  • While games like Titanfall and Destiny are the show-stealers for the genre this year, even the "lesser" games like Wolfenstein New Order look gorgeous and super fun and WAY fresher than the scores of samey military shooters that have choked the PS3 and especially the 360 this gen. Nice to see some exciting shooters at E3 again! The only thing that could make this better would be Half Life 3 and Doom 4!

  • "where the last bastion of Axis resistance resides." This makes absolutely no sense. How can there be a last bastion of Axis resistance if the Nazis won the war (the Germans were the leader of the Axis). Maybe I'm missing something here, and the Germans turned against their allies. But even if Italy has retreated to North Africa, I don't think that they would still be called the Axis. Or maybe, Tim Turi meant to say the last bastion of Allied resistance ( Allies was the name of the other side, i.e. Britain, France, Russia, and America) , in which case he needs to brush up on his history.
  • Mod

    This game has been getting a lot of ad time and I want to try it.

  • This 'what-if' game is really shaping up to be an intriguing adventure it seems like.

  • It's been too long since I've last put a bullet into a Nazi's face. Far, far too long

  • I remember playing the original Wolfenstein.  That was fun.

  • I like the way that this game is fusing old gameplay mechanics with modern tenets as well. It looks like it should be a fun shooting experience with a bit of a blast from the past sense of nostalgia thrown into the mix.

  • Is this a PS4 exclusive or has XB1 just hasn't announced it? Either way, I'm all in on PS4!!

  • Saw some gameplay for this, aesthetically its dishonored meets aliens, gameplay it looked like a silky smooth shooter.