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EA Sports UFC

Five Ways EA Sports UFC Brings The Pain To Next-Gen

The first game in EA Sports' new UFC partnership aims to create a mixed martial arts fighter worthy of next-gen systems.

While EA Sports UFC is still pre-alpha and won't be released until next summer, EA outlined a number of improvements its new Ignite engine the company's sports lineup. Here are five features MMA fans should pay attention to.

Getting Emotional: EA is putting a lot of work into improving the likenesses of UFC's licensed fighters, which includes displaying more emotion and awareness in facial animations. The developer is creating a wide range of general emotions, but will also use full head 3D scanning to capture custom facial animations for individual fighters as well.

Skin Deep: Fighters in EA Sports UFC will now feature skin discoloration and vascularity changes during fights. For instance, if a player is being choked out, his face will turn red, signaling he is in danger of losing consciousness. Tendons will also become visible depending on the position a player is forced into.

Full Contact: Despite the physical nature of the sport, current MMA video games feature little contact between character models due to the way they are animated. In EA Sports UFC, a soft body deformation system allows characters to press against each other realistically, drastically improving the realism of grapples and holds.

Damage Control: EA is also revamping how damage is represented during matches. EA Sports UFC is being developed by the team behind Fight Night, and recognizes that the impressive facial damage seen in the series is ultimately linear and repetitive. The damage system in EA Sports UFC allows for an extensive variety in cuts, bruises, and swelling, mimicking the gruesome injuries that happen in real-life matches.

Plan B: MMA fighters aren't exactly respected for their academic prowess, but that doesn't mean the sport is lacking in strategy. EA is developing goal-based AI for fighters that will recognize a character's strengths and weaknesses and devise an effective plan of attack. The AI will also be adaptive, so if the computer's first plan isn't working, it can change strategies on the fly.

EA Sports UFC is currently being developed solely for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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  • Tear that tongue up!

  • tis game is ing to be so fun i havnt played a ufc title for awhile
  • I really hope this game is good. It's got potential.

  • Sounds good, hope it turns out well. I do love/miss roundhouse kicking people in the head XD

  • I hope this turns out okay. I'd like to have a decent MMA fighter on my new console.

  • I might be more pumped for this game than anything else... but I've also been watching UFC since 2003 and played the living sh*t out of every UFC game so far. EA has the potential to release the best MMA game ever made.

  • I still find it a bit unsettling that EA is now in charge of the UFC series. This is the company that initially turned down the offer and decided to make MMA games only after THQ's efforts showed great promise. I do not know. Maybe EA will do the series justice but I am keeping a cautious eye on the development of the next UFC game.
  • Maybe they have a kinect interface that makes you really feel as if you've been punched in the face lol.

  • .....EA

  • My only issue of concern with EA is how they treated both Fight Night Champion and EA MMA, they created patches that destroyed both games and removed the servers of EA MMA rather quickly.

  • Cannot wait for this game. I wonder if they'll go with Anthony Pettis and Benson Henderson on the cover. I wouldn't mind that one bit. Of course, I wouldn't mind Cain Velasquez on the cover either.
  • Good to have a solid sports lineup for nextgen

  • last mma game ea did sucked

  • Anthony pettis is the new champ