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Five Thief Screenshots Show Stealth, Action, Fire

Square Enix published a few new shots of its upcoming next-gen stealth game.

You can see some of the impressive environments you'll be sneaking through when Thief comes out next year in the screen gallery below, or watch the E3 trailer released earlier to see Thief in action.

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  • Man, this is looking fantastic, hope its an around launch title.

  • Looks really good. I would like to see some gameplay from it though. But I'm still certain that since I liked Dishonored I'll like this game, seeing as how they are often compared.
  • Looks purty.

  • "This looks like the new Thief"- Andrew Reiner.
  • That guard in the first screenshot looks a lot like the guards from Dishonored. Hopefully we'll get some gameplay soon, but even if we don't I'll still buy this one!
  • As a fan of stealth games, this game looked incredibly disappointing especially compared to MGS5.
  • This is looking good.  I'll definitely have to check this out when it comes out.

  • I laughed when that guy got caught by the guard during the live demo lol

  • Looks awesome

  • I still think Dishonored art style is better and im sure many would agree.
  • Is this all that theif has to show for E3? I hope not.

  • Thief failed to impress (imo).
  • Still looks a whole lot like Dishonored, but hopefully in a great way. Hope to see some in-depth gameplay reveals soon.
  • These look great. I want to play this so bad already.

  • Thief looks like a must have game for the PS4
  • I hope this game turns out to be great. Does anyone remember who's developing this? 'Cause I sure as heck don't.
  • this is probably, besides destiny and titanfall, my most anticipated next gen game

  • Thief is looking so beautiful right now. Wow.