Probably not.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, go google it and watch a couple of the videos about it, if you can't find the video itself.

Essentially what happened is a hardware firm wanted to do a bit of viral marketing with a bunch of social justice clowns tackling The Big Issue in gaming today - cyberbullying.  When you watch the relevant clip, it's pretty clear that the guy supposedly making the rape threats is reading from a piece of paper.  

I mean painfully obvious.

There's some other details that prove the whole exercise entirely fake, but since it's mostly internet drama I couldn't be bothered to pay too close attention.  Suffice to say those details are pretty damning.

Now everyone involved is trying to blame shift and leave all the other parties holding the bag.  The truth is they were all involved, they all knew what they were doing, and they should all be publicly mocked for it.  And the Social Justice True Believers should ostracize them (as is their custom) for not being Pure enough.

I had a pretty good laugh watching yet another social justice moment deteriorate into total irrelevance, and you should enjoy it, too!