Robot Entertainment’s MOBA-style take on the Orcs Must Die series is starting to come into focus. I had the chance to play the latest version of Unchained at PAX East, and it’s about to become a much different game from the one I spent time with at Gamescom.

In prior previews, Orcs Must Die Unchained felt a bit muddy (though it’s only in retrospect that I realize it). While the lanes were defined as in most MOBAs, character roles were a bit amorphous.

Now, Robot recommends characters for either offensive or defensive roles. The lane structure has also changed such that these roles have clearer assignments. Offensive characters will want to push with minions on those lanes. Defensive heroes will focus on traps and bottlenecking incoming minions.

It makes for deeper strategy during pre-match character selection and cleaner gameplay overall. Core concepts haven’t changed though, and the elements I’ve enjoyed about the game still remain.

Players will still collect cards that represent different minion and trap types. Leadership (an in-match currency) is earned by sticking close by your minions, which leads to being able to summon stronger creeps.

In addition to hero roles, Robot is overhauling much of how the characters work. This should lead to greater differentiation as traits and abilities become more closely tuned to the new archetype system.

With Orcs Must Die Unchained coming to PlayStation 4 as well as PC, the future of the MOBA genre on consoles continues to pick up steam. Both the PC and PS4 versions are scheduled to launch this year. For those in the PC closed beta, you’ll be able to check out the new changes on March 24 when Phase 2 is rolled out.