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The Game's Getting Delayed, But Here's A New Trailer

Warner Bros. Interactive has announced that its Gauntlet revival will be arriving a bit later than previously announced. A new walkthrough video accompanied the news, which will either alleviate or amplify the sting, depending on your perspective.

The game, which was originally slated for a September 3 release, will now be coming to PC on September 23. According to Warner, the additional time was needed for fine-tuning the game.

While you wait, check out the video below. It shows quick profiles of each of the game's four characters, explains how they can be upgraded with gear and perks, and also provides a look at the game's environments. The floods of enemies that you'll be facing are definitely reminiscent of the series' arcade roots, and gamers of a certain age might recognize a few classic sound effects in there, too. Dungeons are both hand-created and procedurally generated, which should add to replayability. At long last, there's there's the possibility that someone can end a session of Gauntlet satisfied that they got their money's worth.

For more information on Gauntlet, take a look at Mike Futter's hands-on impressions of the game.

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  • So when is this coming to console? Would love to play it with my buddies

  • No! I was looking forward to playing this next week.

  • SO... why should I purchase this now that I have Diablo III on the Xbox One? Not saying it's a bad game, but hardly any better than the competition.
  • That'd be weird if it was coming to consoles to compete with recently released Diablo 3.. Looks fun but I don't exactly know what it could do any better...
  • Thats Not a bad Delay. :)


  • I loved Gauntlet Legends on N64. I'll wait to see some reviews on this and maybe a sale before I buy it.
  • Heh... I remember this game from the PS2 days. Now I got diablo 3 and POE.

  • Very interesting... All of the characters moves and weapons look suspiciously like Diablo 3. Very surprised that we haven't heard any fuss about this, especially how anal everyone is about copyrights these days. Im sticking with my Wizard in Diablo 3!
  • So glad to hear about delays. This means the experience will be better if it was released without the polish it needed.

    Plus I have so many great games still to finish that I can surely wait.