Capybara is releasing its frenetic, time-bending action game, Super Time Force Ultra, on Steam in just a few days. As one final edition before the game’s release, the studio is adding three familiar Valve characters.

Team Fortress’ Pyro has a flare gun and a flamethrower at his disposal. Fire burns so, so good.

Left 4 Dead’s Zoe packs twin pistols and an unending supply of zombie-bursting propane tanks. They seem to work just as well here as they do against the undead.

And then there’s Saxton Hale, also from Team Fortress 2. He can punch and dash, using his fists to deal with enemies.

You can pick up Super Time Force Ultra on Steam on August 25 for $14.99. For more, check out our review of the Xbox One and Xbox 360 releases.