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The Walking Dead Season Two - Episode 5: No Going Back

There's No Going Back

Telltale Games has announced the release dates for the final episode of Clementine’s current adventure. You won’t have to wait long, as the the story wraps up next week.

Beginning on Tuesday, August 26, PC, Mac, and PSN players in North America will be able to download No Going Back, the final episode. On August 27, Xbox 360, and European PSN players will gain access. Finally, on August 28, the final chapter comes to iOS.

The episode will be available for $4.99 a la carte on PSN, Xbox Live, and iOS. It’s also part of the Season Pass on all platforms.

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  • Finally. I've been waiting for the season to finish before playing it. Hopefully its as good as the first season.

  • Finally! I can play this all at once, been waiting for all S2 episodes to be released before I started playing. It's going to be crazy. fun. Edit: Hive-mind with Captain Squirrel.
  • This is amazing news! It's reassuring to know the wait until the next episode will not be long at all. I honestly cannot wait to see how Clem's story arc is wrapped up this Season. Telltale's got a lot to live up to though given how phenomenal the last episode of Season One was. The ending of the first Season was one of the most powerful and moving moments of I ever experienced in a video game.
  • I still need to play episode 4.
  • Nice! I hope they do a sale on Season 2 to celebrate. :)

  • The hype! The hype! What's gonna happen!? So many terrible possibilities. I hope this one ends with just as much amazing writing, 'cause season 1 just hits you right in the tear ducts. One thing I don't get though is why Tell Tale releases such long trailers when it's such a story heavy game. I ain't watching one millisecond 'cause I don't want to spoil anything.
  • It's nice to know the wait is not long. Before this article, i read on google the release was going to be septmber 28, so i'm definately happy that i don't have to wait another whole month.

  • Off topic, but I wonder when Telltale will release Tales from the Borderlands.
  • I have a feeling Clementine will be the only survivor, with the baby.
  • Of course it comes out next week. I move back to college where I wont have my ps3. I guess I won't be able to play it till I come home in October. Still, really looking forward to see how this season ends.

  • Oh no, this isn't going to end well for anybody. What are the odds they would kill Clementine? just wondering.
  • This episode has a tall shadow to stand up to, the season finale of of season 1 was so epic and emotional I wonder how this stacks up as I've been enjoying season 2!

  • I don't know how much more I can take. I've been watching this innocent little girl go through hell and back and she still isn't safe. Everything she's gone through, everyone she's lost . . . . She can't die!!! That's my Clementine, my baby girl!!!! And that poor baby, it just can't end like this!!! I'll probably be in tears by next week . . . Please god let them live!!!!!

  • Man I hope they release a disc compilation. I really enjoyed Season 1 but I refuse to buy digital content. (Had an awful experience with it, never again.)

  • That brilliant man Carver!!! Why would the Tell Tale be so cruel as to murder such a beautiful specimen of mankind; a man that we should all idolize. Thankfully our new champion, Kenny, will see to it that Clem will receive the proper training necessary to become the shepherd for the next era of humanity!

  • I can't wait for the finale. It will be epic.

  • about damn time

  • God I hope Clem lives! Don't pull a Lee on us and let Clem be the main character of Season 3!
  • Nice, I'll finally get around to it now that I can play all of it. Same way I played the first season.

  • Ugh... I still gotta play through the season 1... I don't get it, I am definitely a plot guy but something about this game doesn't quite make me feel like playing it is a must.

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