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Lords of the Fallen

Hands-On With Lords Of The Fallen: Sleek And Soulsy

Lords of the Fallen will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in October. At Gamescom 2014, I spent some some hands-on time with Lords of the Fallen to see what makes this action-RPG tick.

The combat is clearly inspired by the Souls series, but there are some additions and differences. There are “crowd-control” abilities tied to gauntlet weapons that launch projectiles, there are three set classes (Warrior, Cleric, and Rogue) that all come with specific spells and abilities. On New Game+, you’re able to combine the spells/skills of two classes, and on new game++, you’re able to use the sets of all three classes. It’s possible to allocate your stat points as you please to create all manner of playstyles. The combat is responsive and slick, and the game has plenty of dark fantasy eye candy to admire.

The demo had three level 30ish characters to pick from, I settled on a traditional slow but strong Warrior. The character didn’t have a lot in the speed department (fatrolling!) but could dish out and take plenty of damage. I had a few spells to augment my melee focus, such as a damage boost and a decoy that could grab an enemy’s attention, perfect for setting up Souls-style backstabs.

I quickly worked through the handful of enemies on the way to checkpoint and the boss room where the Guardian waited for me. This bulky combatant is drawn to an assortment of flames around the room - If you put one out with a few attacks, the Guardian is compelled to come over and rekindle the flames, giving you a relatively safe window to land some attacks.

There’s an alternate path to the boss room as well. You’ll have to take on a few more enemies, but it will let you approach the Guardian from behind for a free hit or two.

In a stark contrast to the Souls games, the menu is incredibly friendly to navigate and item descriptions are packed with useful, clear information instead of Kalameet’s dietary preferences. It’s easy to change stats around in order to try out new builds or items.

I had a great time playing Lords of the Fallen, not surprising given my love for the Souls series. My hands-on experience left me craving more, so I’ll absolutely be giving it a try when it comes out on October 28.

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  • Item descriptions in Souls always have useful info, whether it's about game mechanics or providing important lore.
  • I just love Dark Souls. I can't wait till There's a next-gen Dark Souls 3. *drools*
  • A well designed menu system would help the Souls series. It wouldn't make the games easier, just better. This game is intriguing, though.
  • The combat from the preview looked more like Darksiders to me than Souls, either way I've added this to the list to get to for sure!
  • Getting this game. A new take on the Dark Souls style of gameplay is more than welcome on my PC.

  • I'm glad you played it and felt it was Dark Souls inspired. At just a glance, this looks like another basic action/rpg like Bound by Flames. Glad it's got more depth!

  • Will the game have much or any verticality? Can players jump?
  • This sounds interesting. I want to see some more info and some trailers before I decide to get it.

  • Sounds like I'll be getting this when it releases.

  • Getting really sick of every game in this genre biting off the 'souls' series. I already played those games, and I don't need to play another company's attempt at re-making them. I was interested in this initially, but I'm absolutely NOT interested in a DS clone.

  • I definitely must try this game when it will comes out in October. It dosen't matter how much Lords of the Fallen will be similar to another game because they looks very promising and I want it. I'm very interested something more about story in the game. I wait for more information about it now.

  • This looks pretty cool. I would love to see how it compares to the 'Souls games.