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Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition

Return To Hong Kong This October

The rumors and speculation have been confirmed by Square Enix. Sleeping Dogs is getting a definitive edition, and you won’t have to wait long for it.

United Front is handling the updated version, which will be released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The package comes with the Year of the Snake story episode and the Nightmare in North Point horror expansion. An additional 22 pieces of content (likely clothes for protagonist Wei Shen) are included, also.

Both console versions will run at 1080p when the title arrives on October 14. For more, read up on the title in our original review.

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  • DLC was crap. Stick with the main game. You have been warned.
  • Wackadoodle. New games have been moved in order to fill in for old experiences. Tomorrow we'll hear that Watch Dogs, Second Son, and Dead Rising 3 are being remade for the "ultimate experience." Enough already.
  • Sleeping Dogs deserves some new life. Hoping people who never got around to it on PS3/360 pick it up for the new consoles. I definitely would if I had either one since I traded it (along with my 360) away awhile ago.
  • When i saw the news on the main page i thought 'the new sleeping dogs is coming!' but then when i opened -.- oh its just a 'ultimate pack' damn.
  • Pc has had this since release and you can get it for under 5 bucks, and people will now buy it for $60. Man people are so dumb
  • This game's combat was really fun, thank you Games for Gold. The only thing I didn't like about it was the driving. The camera annoyed me, but other than that it was a fun game. I haven't played the DLC, but I'll be skipping this. Too many games in October coming out.
  • Hipsters on GI will complain "OMG,another definitive edition", again, I don't see how this is hurting the industry, it's just another option. If you've played the game, fine, good for you. The world doesn't starts and ends with you, there's people out there, that haven't played this game.
  • Mod
    People are going to complain about this, but take a moment and remember what else is coming out. - The Evil Within - Destiny - The Order: 1886 - Scalebound - Sunset Overdrive - New Legend Of Zelda - Bayonetta 2 - The Division - New Guilty Gear - Lily Bergamo - Alien: Isolation - Drive Club - Forza - Far Cry 4 - Assassins Creed Unity - Dragon Age: Inquisition - Devil's Third - FFXV - KH3 - MGS: TTP And that's just off the top of my head. Another Definitive Edition isn't going to hurt you. You don't want it? Don't buy it.
  • directly unrelated but inspired by this article... you know what I really want already? Just Cause 3.
  • I bought this game on my PC and I must say, if you haven't played this game yet, this will most likely be the best version to play the game. I'm content with the visuals on PC, but for the people who only experienced this game on the previous gen consoles(and decide to purchase the definitive edition) are in for a visual treat. :)
  • I can see both sides of this. One one hand it's one of the best under rated games ever made. On the other hand, it's already been free on both PS+ and GWG. I don't see this selling well at all when it's been free already and those that wanted to try it out have. Say what you want about those of us disappointed in these remakes but the sales will speak for themselves. It'll be interesting to see how well TLoU did with little to no competition on the PS4. When these other remasters come out we will have an abundance of first and third party titles to go with above games we've already played. I'm more worried about these studios hurting themselves by wasting money and time on products that won't turn much profit if any with games like RE-REmake and this. I, for one, am tired of hearing about job loss in the gaming industry.
  • The only revamped version of anything square-enix I want is FF7! Honestly, who asked for a sleeping dogs definitive edition? Oh I can see it now, FF7, the Ultima Edition, comes with all DLC content, weapons, materia, characters and story! ( sorry, kinda nodded off there )
  • Picked it up on PC during a steam sale, only played about 45mins or so. Seemed descent, visually it was very nice, so maybe I'll pick this up and actually play through it this time. I tend to play and finish games on consoles, PC not so much for some reason. And hey, at least I can now get achievements too :D

  • I don't think I'll get this one. I got it on Games with Gold earlier this year and had a good time with it, but I definitely don't feel the need to buy it again

  • ...KH2.5 HD Remix...
  • What about- Oh, wait, I'm thinking of Watch Dogs. Never mind. In any case, I got it from Games With Gold, so I'll be skipping this.

  • What about- Oh, wait, I'm thinking of Watch Dogs. Never mind. In any case, I got it from Games With Gold, so I'll be skipping this.

  • This is a definite no for me. Hated the original sleeping dogs. Couldn't play it for more then an hour before giving up.

  • can people like stop complaining for once. i mean come on. seriously. until the unreal 4 engine games come out most ps4 games are just unscaled and enhanced ps3 games. these make sense to make. and if you have it on pc good for you. you bought a pc that cost alot and can run the game at the highest setting. cookie for you.
  • Eh, really not a fan of these definitive editions. A game that's only one generation old, does not need a remaster. Especially not this early in to the current generation. At least wait until the end of the generation, when you've really dug in to the systems to get a true remaster. This just feels like, "Oh, look at these cool things we can do all of a sudden". It's just sort of lame, in my opinion. That said, I may pick this up, since I was interested in the original, but never got around to playing it. I know I could get the original, but I'm pretty strict on getting the best version available.
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