A newly announced first-person shooter is looking to bring competitive multiplayer back to the glory days, and the first trailer is promising.

Despite the unfortunate name (which, to be fair, does fit with the '90s shooter theme), Toxikk looks like a refreshing throwback for Quake and Unreal Tournament fans. Sure, there are some modern conventions like skill-based rewards and damage indicators that show where enemy fire is coming from, but it's what's missing that sets the game apart from contemporary shooters; Toxikk doesn't have classes, leveling, regenerating health, iron-sight aiming, or reloading. The result is a gorgeous-looking game that should play like the classic online shooters of days past.

The developer also plans to support user-generated content by giving players an SDK to build maps, characters, and skins. You can learn more about the game and support its development at the official website; $15 will get you access to the closed beta and a copy of the full game when it's released.