Switchblade Monkeys have announced the fifth playable character for Secret Ponchos, and she looks like a complete change of pace from the gunfighters we've seen so far. The Matador uses dazzling speed – and a sabre – to gain the upper hand against her gun-packing opponents.

As you can see in the clip below, she whirls around the screen with her cape, blinding and wounding anyone who dares get within range of her sword. You'd think that not having a firearm would be a disadvantage in this Wild West-themed shooter, but it's clear that her quick moves are an equalizer.

In addition to the new character and the reveal of the burned-out Ranch map, a few additional modes are being added. Domination players can enjoy 4 on 4 matches, as well as a Deathmatch that nixes respawns. 

PC players can check out the game on Steam Early Access, with the PS4 version coming later this year.