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Lords of the Fallen

New Creedence Clearwater Revival-Fueled Trailer Serves To Build The Hype

CI Games' Dark Souls-esque action RPG has a new trailer, screens, and pre-order bonuses, straight from Comic-Con. Those who pre-order Lords of the Fallen will get bumped up to the limited edition free of charge. This will land you the Monk's Decipher DLC, the Demonic Weapons Pack DLC, and the game's soundtrack.

Not a lot of gameplay can be gleaned from this trailer apart from a few seconds of combat and a look at a few of the enemy types. Still, the trailer certainly sets the tone for what's to come.

In addition to the trailer, new screens show Harkyn as he explores the uninviting world he must survive in. These, as well as a concept art piece showing the infiltrator enemy type, can be viewed in the image gallery below.

Lords of the Fallen can fall into your Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC come October 28. For more, watch the previous trailer or read our hands-on E3 coverage.

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  • So many games are coming out late 2014/early 2015 that are going to be the biggest time sinks. DA:I, Lords of the Fallen, Bloodborne, The Witcher 3, Far Cry 4, Destiny and MGS:V! It's going to be hard to choose which game to play. There are also like 10 other games I want but they will be shorter experiences like UC4 and Shadow of Mordor. This game looks good though.
  • This looks cool, but the dark souls equivilance thing has me questioning whether or not it's for me.
  • It looks interesting, but is it actually going to be worthwhile or turn out to be a poor man's dark souls? I doubt most people are going to be interested in it during the busy fall schedule if it's only mediocre.

  • That 60 fps gameplay looks so good I hope that's in the game at release.

  • They would benefit from a demo before the game releases to let players see the game and determine if it does stand on its own. Without letting players demo it I feel the game won't sell as well with people shrugging it off as a clone.

    The game looks very well made and interesting, so I am hoping it sells well.

  • Anyone been able to figure out where to preorder this for PC in US? Their site doesn't list it on PC and nor does amazon. But in all the trailers and this one it shows a PC version.
  • Cool 10/28 has two games for new systems and PC. Good day.

  • Free upgrade to limited edition for a pre-order. You are like Dark Souls :) Can't wait. It seems like when it rains it pours with RPG's. This, Dragon Age, The Witcher 3, and Bloodborne. It looks like my ps4 might finally take over as the "go to" console.

  • Didn't Dark Souls II have a trailer set to classic rock too?
  • I'm loving this trend of games having trailers with reworked classic rock songs.

    Evolves was good and this one was really good too.

  • I love CCR, but the music didn't go with the trailer.... Im also waiting for reviews as im kinda skeptical
  • What I see here...Great trailer and some information about Limited Edition?!? AWESOME! Trailer looks great, new enemies, boss. Now I have my fingers crossed for this game and release date in October.

  • RPG'S are one of my favorite genre of games so I may check this out.

  • Looks interesting. But I'm not going to preorder this, I'll wait for reviews.

  • Looks interesting. But I'm not going to preorder this, I'll wait for reviews.

  • I was really excited for this, but apparently its developer has an awful track record...I'm kind of nervous about preordering.

  • I hope October come fast because I can not wait to this game. Now I must buy pre-ordec because I want this great looking weapon and have a little longer game with this DLC. Trailer looks awesome and I hope they do not stop show us trailer and gameplay to this game.

  • know the "facts" first