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Red 5 Reveals New End-Game Foes In Anticipation Of Launch

One week from now, after a lengthy time in development, we'll finally have our hands on Firefall, Red 5's free-to-play MMO shooter. In anticipation of the game's release, the studio unveiled two end-game monsters known as the Melding Titans, Baneclaw and Kanaloa the Destroyer.

The first of the giant enemies, Baneclaw, is a scarab who curls up and rolls around the battlefield to squash players. It also spawns smaller bugs known as hellclaw minions to distract its attackers.

Kanaloa, the lava worm featured in the trailer below, spits fire and swims through its magma pits to kick up molten rocks, hurling them at players as they try to avoid falling into their flame-filled doom. It has only a handful of vulnerable areas on its body, so players will have to coordinate carefully to defeat the beast.

Firefall launches July 29 for PC. For more, check out a previous trailer to learn about the game's setting and character classes.

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  • Been playing for a couple days now after getting an invite to try it out before official early access release. It's great, and FAR from the product it was 2 years ago when I initially played in the closed beta (or was it alpha)? The game went through a company transfer and it was for the better.

  • just reinstalled it today, so confused on what to do xD

  • I have been having a ton of fun with this game since 1.0 came out!