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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

2K Games Handsomely Rewards Us With Behind The Scenes Footage

Now that Gearbox’s Battleborn is out in the open, it’s a bit easier to understand why the studio is teaming up with 2K Australia on this fall’s Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. In the first episode of a “making of” series, we get a look at how the two developers are working together, despite being on opposite sides of the world.

Co-development isn’t a new phenomenon, but there are certainly challenges when the partners are in Texas and Australia. Still, everything we’ve heard from both Gearbox and 2K Australia (formerly Irrational Australia) evidences a great working relationship. 

You can check out the video to learn more about how Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel came about and how the two studios are working together. You can also read up on our earlier preview that includes a conversation with Gearbox president Randy Pitchford and 2K Australia general manager Tony Lawrence.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel will be out on October 14 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. As for new-gen consoles? We wouldn’t rule them out entirely.

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  • I have a feeling that this presequel will get forgotten or discarded for the most part in the October deluge of games.
  • Hope it's good. Kinda skeptical for some reason.

    Hope it actually does hit XBO/PS4. It's the only way I'll get it.

    I enjoyed BL2, wouldn't mind revisiting that universe.

  • That better be a Handsome Jack pun.

  • I really really really really really really really really really really really really really want this on the current gen console. I still have my 360, but the chance that this game could come out on current-gen consoles makes me not push to pick it up at launch like I will the other AAA titles this will be competing with.

    I'm a huge Borderlands fan but I might just wait this one out.

  • Count me as VERY skeptical.

    I mean, seriously, we're talking a full priced game at $59.99 that really makes no upgrade whatsoever to the Borderlands 2 graphics and gameplay (unless you're buying the whole gravity/O2 thing).

    The 3 DLC's for Borderlands 2 were mostly crap (that they OUTSOURCED). It wasn't until Tiny Tina's #4 that it really showed what they could do (and that GBX handled themselves).

    If you view this as a money grab that won't nearly cost GBX the resources a full-blown new game would, then yes, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel will satisfy (and if you liked Borderlands 2).

    But if you're expecting anything groundbreaking, forget it.

    This is nothing more than to hold over fans (and keep interest in Borderlands) while Borderlands 3 is being developed for PS4/Xbox One.

    I'll 99.99% guarantee you will NOT see this next gen. They won't do anything unless it's PROFITABLE. This won't even come close to the sales of Borderlands 2 with the next gen up and the murderer's row of games coming out against it in September and October (namely, Destiny, which is a COD/Borderlands mishmash).

  • Man this game keeps looking better every time I see it. Can wait till October.