In addition to this morning’s announcement that Civilization: Beyond Earth will be arriving on October 24, 2K Games and Firaxis are giving us a deeper look at gameplay. We told you about our E3 experience, but now you can see some what we did.

In the first video, narrated by co-lead designer Will Miller, you’ll get a look at some of the alien wildlife that will make your colonization more treacherous. You’ll also get your first look at the tech web, a better understanding of the three affinities (supremacy, harmony, and purity). And if you’ve been wondering about the orbital layer, this video will give you a clearly look at how it impacts ground troops.

In the second video, Miller and co-developer David McDonough discuss the foundation of Civilization: Beyond Earth. You’ll learn a bit more about the geopolitical landscape on Earth prior to the colonization and the thinking behind the different leaders.

In addition, you’ll hear the duo discuss the orbital layer and drop a choice Firefly reference. Civilization: Beyond Earth will be out this fall, on October 24.