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Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade

Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade Founder's Packs Cost Up To $450

Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade has its first teaser trailer, which begins to set the stage for the upcoming MMO battle. Behaviour’s online RPG isn’t available yet, but if you want to spend some money to ensure your early access, that’s certainly an option.

Founder’s Packs for Eternal Crusade begin at $40, giving you a game code and early (but not the earliest) access, and some in-game currency. If you want access to the game in the first wave, that pack will cost you $120 (but also comes with more in-game currency).

The most expensive Founder Pack will run you $450. This comes with enough currency to purchase every item for all four factions. The game will launch with eighteen classes, four each for the Orks, Space Marines, and Chaos Marines. The Eldar will have six different classes available.

You can read more on the game’s website. Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade will be out on PC and new-gen consoles. The Founder's Packs apply to the PC version only, which looks to be on track for release in 2015.

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  • So much nope. I've had the fortune (or misfortune?) over the years to find out that MMOs developers/publishers try to make the most money they can upfront with tricks like this, get people to put a big chunk of money up front, and then continue to milk things way past release. Almost everyone who takes the this bait with an early purchase, big-spending commitment end up regretting it. Long story short, DON'T DO IT.
  • A crappy plan, but the magazine article had me jumping with unexpected joy. This is a game I've been dreaming about since before FireWarrior for the PS2! I just hope the execution is AT LEAST passable for Warhammer 40K fans.
  • I thought this was canceled
  • Oh look another mmo free to play. Well take a number and get in line

  • Another MMO? And based on warhammer? Thats pretty heavy odds against this being good or having any staying power. Please tell me there is no one still so devoted to this IP that they'd drop $450 without trying it or even reading any reviews?
  • This looks absolutely underwhelming. I know it's not due out for a while, but damn it looks so rough right now. Anyone stupid enough to spend $450 or even $40 on a game in this state has more money than sense.
  • I hate to say it but everything I've seen or read of this game screams poor quality and design. Watch cutscenes and trailers for Relics Spac Marine and DoW2 games and you'll realise what a huge gap in quality there is to this obvious trash. Also: just take a quick look at this developers game history and you realise quickly this is a shovelware company.
  • The game MIGHT be very good but,even the biggest 40K diehard would be hardpressed to drop that much money on a whim which is saying something since the figurines are quite pricey nowadays.(But,infused with loads of quality!)

  • I still want just a true to form turn based digital replica of 40k. Make all the figures microtransactions and put it online like Magic the gathering online. Maybe one day
  • And then like the other Warhammer MMO, it's shut down after a few years because of licensing.

  • I'm confused. Is this different from the Warhammer shooter that's coming out? I feel like I just watched a trailer for that the other day.
  • I've actually seen people complain about the lack of female space marines in these games.
  • $450? $60 sounds way better!!!


    I know gamers do some stupid stuff with money, but sheesh just wait till the game launches...unless you've got enough disposable income to where money does not matter

  • No game should cost 450, this is a fking travesty! Everyone should be insulted by these types of asking prices.

  • Anyone who backs Kickstarters/crowd funding is a complete dickhead.

  • "The most expensive Founder Pack will run you $450. This comes with enough currency to purchase every item for all four factions."

    So, basically Pay2Win.

    God, the Game Industry is just pure trash, nowadays.

  • Stop making all the goddam games into MMO and then having them suck. Just make good polished SINGLEPLAYER game and be done with it