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EA's Two-Lane MOBA: Dawngate

Electronic Arts has a MOBA in the works: Dawngate, by new internal studio Waystone Games.

The game features two lanes, and EA is promising that a larger, over-arching story is one of the things that will help set the game apart.

You can sign up for the game's beta and get more info over at the official website.

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  • First.

    MOBA Dota

    Trololili, I bet u thought this was a first comment.:)

  • It's EA, if this doesn't turn massive profit quickly they will abandon it. Best just skip it.
  • i considered this game but it doesn't have australian servers, and LoL does, so it's not gonna pull me away from 50 ping

  • It's been in Beta for awhile now and it's pretty good. I doubt it will convince people to leave Dota or LoL though.

  • An EA MOBA? Guarantee it'll be the very definition of pay2win.

    We have enough.

    No one in their right mind is going to commit to multiple ARTS at once. I've been playing Dota since Frozen Throne days and I'm still learning (especially post patch).

    If you can't release a non buggy game EA, how do you think you're gonna balance an ARTS??

    Quit while you're ahead.

  • Dong Gate

  • Even if it is decent, I'm just not interested. League has provided me with plenty quality f2p gametime, and will do in the future. It is a constantly evolving game, even if somewhat slowly so, but there is always something new in it. I just have no desire to move on to any other MOBA.
  • I'm starting to agree to this whole too many MOBAs feeling, I just play Smite and LOL and there's really no room for a third

  • Looking for another MOBA to play besides League of Legends (which I'm terrible at). This could be an alternative. I'm also looking at Infinite Crisis.
  • It's really weird to see how people are reacting to new MOBAs being released. While i do agree that there have been more released recently than normal i don't see why this is such a bad thing. The universal reaction seems to be that enough is enough and that there is either no more room for a new one or it will have nothing new to bring to the table. But i don't understand why this can't be a good thing, now it leaves a lot of different options for people who want to play and what kind of game they want to play and where they turn to play it. I have been playing Dota 2 for about 2 years and Smite for about 6 months and i could see Dawngate being an interesting experience if it's good. I just think people shouldn't judge the game before they've tried it and should consider the benefit of there being multiple options for those looking to play MOBA's.

  • wow. another MOBA. D: