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Watch Dogs

Launch Trailer Lets Aiden Off The Leash

Watch Dogs is finally out in just a few days. After a late-stage delay to give the team more time to polish, Ubisoft has big hopes for the title. The publisher is expecting it to surpass the original Assassin’s Creed’s sales of 6.3 million.

The launch trailer doesn’t show us any new tricks, but it does drive home that hacking will have its applications on foot and in vehicles. It also reminds that Aiden isn’t a saint, as he’ll often resort to brutal measures to accomplish his tasks and exact revenge.

Watch Dogs is out on May 27 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC. A Wii U version is coming later this year. For more, check out recent hands-on impressions and a breakdown of the multiplayer modes

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  • You think it would be worth getting this on current gen? Or should I just wait until I get a next gen system. (Which I have no idea when I'll purchase)
  • Well I haven't really paid too much attention to this game but damn I'm sold now. Day one for sure.
  • I've been craving an open world game for a while. Watch Dogs will keep me busy for a while.

  • I lold when at the end of the trailer it said in small print "also coming to WIIU in 2014". Did anyone else lol?
  • The only hesitation I have is in Ubisoft's record of pushing out buggy games on the disc, and a massive update a few weeks later in order to actually play it as intended.
  • Looking forward to picking this up even after the slew of bad press and crazy reviews last week.
  • Looks like I'll finally be getting my PS4. Can't wait to play this! I have high hopes for this as Ubisoft's newest IP.

  • Watch Dogs looks like the sort of game you play for about three hours only to realize everything is super repetetive. Sort of a new Assassins Creed genre.
  • I'm still on the fence about this game, and will probably wait until I at least read some reviews or get some hands on time with it. I'm not completely sold that there will be enough diversity to the hacking to keep it interesting for an entire single player campaign. Hope I'm wrong though.

  • I can't wait to play this Tuesday on my PS4.

  • On Tuesday another game gets added to the collection of games to play through. I started Wolfenstein and with my schedule I doubt I will have it finished by Tuesday so not sure if I will shelve Wolfenstein for Watch Dogs or shelve Watch Dogs for Wolfenstein? Then there is Transistor which is sitting on my system as well as MGSV and Bound By Flame. Luckily I finished Infamous and Child Of Light so I don't need to worry about those two. Looks like I already have enough games to keep me going through most of the summer!
  • So ready for this.

  • I have this game pre-ordered and everything, but I'm still worried about whether Watch Dogs will just be a soulless open-world game with no substance. Hopefully the reviews will alleviate my fears because every trailer for it looks incredible.
  • I was really hoping for GTA5 on PC, but since those butt heads havent said jack about when that is going to happen I guess Watchdogs will take its place. It actually looks a bit better than GTA. The multiplayer and mini games look great.

  • Aiden sounds like he's trying to talk like Batman a la Christian Bale in this trailer.
  • Can't wait to hack next week! :D

  • Finally! Now I can gauge the reviews of this game on the day of release till a month from the release and see if people are still talking about it. I am sure first week everyone will be like "OH MY GAWD, TEH AWESOME" and will probably hit sales records but that doesn't mean squat in my book. I don't know, I think I might be hitting the open-world sandbox fatigue. I still got GTA 5 on my roaster of games to beat. I think I am slowly coming to the conclusion that I don't want games to mimic the mundane activities of real life. I like being able to know I am playing a game and living a real life... But the way demand is for open world exploration...
  • Pre-ordered for Xbox One last week. Can't wait. I've been looking for something new to play and the fact that this open world ensures I'll be busy for a good while.
  • This game comes out the day before my birthday. cant decide whether to get an HD monitor or Watchdogs
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