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Star Citizen

Star Citizen Video Showcases Dogfighting And The Difficulty Of Developing An Ambitious Space Shooter

Robert Space Industries and its ambitious space shooter, Star Citizen, were at PAX, but if you weren't able to attend, it has posted its presentation, plus a little extra, online.

You can check out the 30 minute video below which shows the game's new dogfighting mode in action, and also details the difficulty of developing the game and identifying bugs. Most of this video was streamed on Twitch at the time it was presented, but it does have some extra content at the end not previously shown. You can check out the video below.

For more on Star Citizen, check out the Anvil Hornet Lineup, a recent trailer, and read why the game stood out to us at PAX East by heading here.

[Source: Roberts Space Industries on YouTube, via GameSpot]

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  • Such a promising game. Best wishes to CIG for this valiant effort.

  • I can't imagine how someone could make a game of this scope. Jeez. Good on them.

  • Excitement.......damnit I still need to get my hands on a solid flight stick.

  • Why does Gaminformer block youtube videos from going fullscreen? I find it quite annoying when I forget and just play the video, change the resolution and then find the full screen button is grayed out. That said I am very excited for this Star Citizen!
  • I hope they plan on implementing better procedural damage... I cant express enough that high quality procedural damage adds massive amounts of gameplay and breathtaking excitement. Imagine a bunch of small fighters trying to attack a giant ship with poor procedural damage.. not nearly as fun as something with great procedural damage.


    No one wants to be just shooting a ship as a whole. Everyone wants to be shooting at specific targets on the ship.

  • Looks very good, however I just have one major fear, countdown till those god awful elite pvp'ers from eve online coming in dragging their way of playing from that game into this one. oh man its coming.

  • I'm stoked for this. Already got three ships ready for launch, and plan on getting one more.

  • Biggest problem I have with most sci-fi ship simulators is that the weapons always feel so puny. Probably has to do with the fact that ballistic ammo doesn't seem to be fashionable in the future. I'd like a little more punch in mah guns. Of course, in real life, there is no sound in space.
  • The furthest I've ever gone into the realm of 3D/gaming was only minor object modeling, but by the looks of the design process I'd venture a guess that people who are prone to seizures might be at risk of one occurring. Some of those errors and glitches were crazy!

    At 28:00 ... I'm TOTALLY imagining a Boba Fett moment on opponents. Just imagine as a team heading into enemy airspace and not a single soul is around until you're already surrounded. This game will certainly bring tacticians out of the woodwork. Plus, I have a feeling we'll all be able to witness some amazing team battles on Twitch or YouTube (SideStrafe).

    Tip-of-the-cap to Robert Space Industries on taking it upon yourselves to create something with public contributors. They didn't have to have any public viewings but they clearly understood how important this game was to people and humbly previewed the current build. This seems like a great team of people and I hope we get to see more from them in the future.