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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Single-Player Mode Announced At PAX East

If you’ve wanted a single-player mode in the digital trading card game Hearthstone, then we have some good news. Blizzard announced Curse of Naxxramas, a single player adventure mode, at PAX East today.

Naxxramas is a floating cemetery from Warcraft's extensive lore, and players can use their favorite deck to battle the creepy bosses in the five different wings of Naxxramas. Similarly to the arena mode, there is a cost to entering Naxxramas’ wings, which can be paid with either in-game gold or real money, though how much it will cost is currently unknown.

The wings unlock one week at a time, over the course of five weeks, and entry into the first wing is free. At the end of each wing, Players earn a new legendary card. Curse of Naxxramas is adding a total of 30 new cards to Hearthstone. 

The bosses themselves have new abilities, minions, art, and speech options from the already established characters in Hearthstone. There is also different challenges for entering as specific heroes that earns players class-specific cards.

There is no word yet on when Curse of Naxxramas is going to release, but it is coming out simultaneously for PC, Mac, and iPad. If you're interested in the free-to-play TCG, then check out our review of Hearthstone here.

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  • I just started playing Hearthstone, and I fell in love with it. Looking forward to this.

  • Should be cool, game needs new cards in my opinion.

  • This might get me to play Hearthstone again. If I can earn gold in this mode to help improve my card collection without having to do arena or weird challenges, I'll be all for it. As it stands I don't have the cards to really do well, and I'm not some card games master who can make magic from the free cards. The AI opponents on hard mode are decent enough so I think it'll be good challenge by the end too.

  • Hearthstone is addictive as hell. Nax was also one of my favorite raids in Wrath. Should be interesting, and I am all about getting some legendary's.

  • I just quit playing for a few weeks after being addicted for 2 months or so. If you aren't playing in the top ranks and don't love arena much it's just becomes dull after a while, logically. Now this is good to hear, I'd love some adventuring back into Hearthstone! :D

  • Cool. Hopefully, it comes out soon.

  • Mod
    Awesome! I hope Blizzard can explore the possibilities of aiming at other possible raids! What i wouldn't do for Ulduar and Ahn'Quiraj as part of it :D!
  • I really wonder how much gold it's going to be for each of the five wings. I guess I'll start saving right away so I have enough this summer!!