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Tropico 5

Kalypso Invites You For Fun In The Tropico 5 Sun This May

Kalypso’s Tropico series is well on its way to a fifth entry. The developer has announced a May release date for Tropico 5 on PC.

Digital versions will be available starting on May 23, with a retail release slated for May 27. Xbox 360 and Mac versions will be along this summer, and PlayStation 4 owners will be able to rule their own banana republic this fall.

When Steam Machines are finally released upon the world, El Presidente will be running for office on that platform, too. But we all know that El Presidente rigs elections, so you can count on him benevolently ruling on SteamOS.

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  • "Viva El Presidente."

    Neat Pirate of the Caribbean reference, and I wonder what country blew up.

  • Does this mean the beta started and I didn't get in?

  • oh my god, i am so excited! been playing this series since the first installment. pre-ordering this bad boy for Xbox 360. so stoked to see the new additions to the game!

  • Best. Trailer. Ever.

  • Ah, nothing like satisfying my inner tyrant.

  • That Pirates of the Carribean reference................