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Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard Details The Online Infrastructure For The Technical Alpha With Video

Blizzard is finally letting everyone know what Heroes of the Storm is all about with a detailed video walkthrough of the technical alpha. This video does not give any specific information about the gameplay, but it does outline a lot about how the online interface will work. The video below details a quest and experience system that makes Heroes of the Storm unique in relation to other MOBAs. They also show how the party system is shaping up, how they intend to let you try heroes before you buy, and the sorting options for heroes. Also, one of the heroes is a siege tank.

Along with that walkthrough, Blizzard has also rolled out a trailer and a list of the abilities for Tychus, a new hero and one of the company’s most iconic characters, seen below. You can check out his abilities, traits, and heroic abilities here. For a written summary about Blizzard’s plans for experience progression, skins, mounts, and heroes, check out their blog post here. Blizzard plans to bring more users into the alpha soon, but has not announced any specific dates or plans yet. For more info about gameplay, check out our previous story featuring a gameplay match video.   


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  • The game plays really well, I tried it out in blizzcon and had a ton of fun. I cannot wait for it to come out or go in open beta. I think the gameplay is very inviting to all kind of players not just the moba crowd, which for me is fantastic since I dislike competitive games.
  • Staff
    Update: Let there be sound! Videos are fixed!
  • Purchase heroes? No thanks. I prefer a system like Dota 2 where you can freely access 100+ heroes and pay for cosmetic items.
  • Not really a fan of this Genre but I will say the characters are whats getting me excited about this, I will definetly be checking this out.

  • Can't wait for this game! It's gonna rock.

  • am i the only one disappointed in seeing a lame diablo not the d3 version of him. i hope that changes later on :D
  • Play as Illidan and Malfurion Stormarage.......HELL YEAH!

  • I'm exited for this game but Dota 2 is still the best MOBA.
  • Demonic Tyreal? *** Sold!

  • I'm not a fan of MOBAs at all, they're just not my thing, but it's still really cool to see all these Blizzard characters crossing over like this.

    If I were to play the game, I'd probably end up using the Starcraft characters the most. Absolutely love Starcraft, haha.

  • "They also show how the party system is shaping up, how they intend to let you try heroes before you buy...". Buy? I don't care if it's with in-game points or real money, this is silly and it's a HUGE turn off. I just went from being very interested in the game to not caring anymore. From the gameplay that I watched I honestly thought it looked too much like LoL (LoL doesn't appeal to me) so that was kind of a let down but now this has totally blown my interest away. I hope they will change this.
  • Did I just see the Lord of Terror riding a pony? Sold.