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Launch Trailer Brings Major Characters Together

In the run-up to Square Enix’s Thief reboot launching next week, we’ve been introduced to the friends and foes that Garrett will encounter on his adventure. Today, a new trailer helps connect Basso the fence, the Queen of Beggars, and the Thief-Taker General to Garrett.

We also see more of the supernatural elements at work in Garrett’s new adventure. You’ll be able to explore the city for yourself on February 25 on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC. For more, check out a recent interview.

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  • Man so excited for this game. I hope it doesn't let me down.

  • I still don't have any hopes for this. It looks like a Dishonored sequel instead of a Thief game.
  • Awesome trailer, can't wait to play this. Hopefully it stands up to all the hype!

  • Really interested to see how the reviews for this turn out. I'm hopeful, but for the entire run up to release there has just been this nagging sense of skepticism. I just have a feeling it won't play as well as it looks, or the story will be really dumb or something. I'm just not feeling the hype on this one, but i really hope I am wrong. Would love to be convinced to go pick this up next week.
  • Not a bad trailer. I've been going back and forth about the reboot of Thief. I'm really hoping Square Enix pulls this off. I do want it to be good!

  • In every game that gives you the option I always sneak and steal and try to avoid killing and leaving evidence. This game is just going to be heaven for me.

  • This game looks really amazing. I saw a trailer for it yesterday; I love how the main character snuck down from a ledge behind a guard and pickpocketed him. I can't wait to play this game and see what else the main character can do

  • I feel like all these people who are saying this looks like dishonor we didn't play the OG thief. This game is not dishonored. Mean c'mon. It's a stealth game and because of that there may be some things that look related to dishonored doesn't mean it's a "rip off" of dishonored as a lot of people have been saying. Thief came out way before dishonored. It's like saying battlefield is ripping off call of duty. Or vice versa. They are both shooters so a lot of what it is looks related but they are totally different games. Just annoying seeing people call this a dishonored rip off.
  • Only a few days left, I can't wait. I really can't decide if I should get this for PS4 or PC. My PC can run it at Ultra, which would be the better experience, but I have stronger ties with Playstation, not to mention I'm an avid trophy hunter. But the Steam version is only $45 compared to the $60 console version. -.-
  • For a second I thought Garrett sounded like Hugh Jackman in Van Helsing XD
  • Cant wait. Deus Ex HR was excellent and I have faith this game will meet or exceed that game.

  • With only a short time till launch...I still find myself on the fence with this game.

  • So I've just learned that you can't jump or use the rope arrows unless it is in a context sensitive setting. That's ridiculously stupid. I should be able to jump wherever and whenever. If I want to shoot a rope near the window on the right and climb to the ledge then I should be able to. I hate artificial context restrictions like these. Dishonored gave the player freedom. Thief restricts you to doing only what the developers want you to do. My desire to play Thief just took a nose-dive.
  • I think this game looks great, but I'm waiting to hear how it plays before I pick it up. If it is too unforgiving I'll have to pass as I am pretty bad at stealth games.

  • Just bought the first three Thief games for $5 off green man gaming. Preparing to play this newer one.

  • I'm just not seeing a reason to buy a next gen system right now. Where are the games really lol.

  • Man I can't wait till Tuesday, really hyped to play this!!!!

  • Trailer was sweet.

  • Mod

    This is going to be awesome. The running looks like a mix between Assassin's Creed and Mirror's Edge's running. Even though it comes out in a few days, I probably won't be getting it till the end of this year. When I have the PS4 in my grasp.

  • Been watching a Stream.

    It's worse than I thought.

    The guy grabbed a bottle, walked right in front of a guard, held the bottle up to his face, and the guard couldn't care less. On top of that, obnoxious dubstep kicks in whenever any chases happen. I really, really do not like how this looks.

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