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Styx: Master of Shadows

Stealth Is King In Teaser Trailer For New Game From Cyanide Studio

The developers of the Game of Thrones RPG and Of Orcs and Men return to a world of backstabbing goblins and dark fantasy with their latest game, Styx: Master of Shadows.

Players will become Styx, a two-century-old goblin who is a master of stealth, thievery, and murder. Styx is looking to break into the heavily guarded Tower of Akenash in search of enough valuables to make a fortune. If he can get past the droves of humans, elves, and orc experiments that protect it, that is.

Thankfully, the master thief has a variety of skills and tools at his disposal to slip past or take out enemy patrols, and Styx’s small size allows him to more easily stay hidden and gain entry to areas inaccessible to those of taller height. Cyanide Studios promises open, vertical environments, with objectives that can be completed in a variety of ways. Like previous Cyanide games, Styx will also include RPG elements in the form of six unique talent trees, which will unlock new skills and weapons.

Look for Styx: Master of Shadows on PC later this year. In the meantime, check out the teaser trailer below to see the game in action.

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  • Styx and stones bro...

  • not for xbox, why?
  • Is this the same Goblin from Of Orcs and Men? Is this the same universe?
  • I do enjoy my stealth games. I may have to pick it up after Thief.

  • I'm excited for this, I hope it finds it's way over to consoles

  • Console version please. I'd grab this up day one.

  • I've found Cyanide's past games to be somewhat lacking, so I think I'll hold of on buying this until the jury says what's up with it. Maybe I'll see something between now and release that gives me more excitement for the game.

  • You had me at stealth, but if this is going to be Thief as a goblin, I'm even more sold. Just need a console version and it's a day one purchase.
  • Fookin' gablins!

  • I knew those character models looked familiar, I don't know how good Of Orcs and Men was, but hopefully this is better than that crappy Game of Thrones RPG

  • I always wanted to play as Tommy Shaw and sing Mr. Roboto in a videogame!
  • I never understood the whole, "He's a two-century old goblin, let's make players start at lv. 1". Game writers do this way way to often..