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BioShock Infinite - Burial at Sea Episode 2

BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea Part Two Reintroduces The Crossbow

Irrational Games has revealed a new tidbit for the second part of its return to Rapture. Burial at Sea Part Two is out in March, and its bringing an iconic weapon from the original BioShock.

Unfortunately, Elizabeth won’t have the electrified trap bolts at her disposal. She will have three different kinds of ammunition, though. 

We can figure out what the tranquilizer and noisemaker bolts will do. It’s not quite as clear what purpose the gas bolts serve. 

We’ll find out for sure on March 25, when Episode Two of Burial at Sea arrives for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. If you want to check out the opening moments of the final BioShock Infinite DLC, you can do so here.

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  • Wow, it took Irrational an impressive amount of time to decide to finally to put a fun weapon back into one of their BioShock games.
  • Interesting, and yeah I think the gasbolts will probably be as more of a distraction tool. Create a big cloud of gas so you can escape.
  • My personal favorite Rapture raiding weapon.

  • I'd assume the gas bolts would be something akin to the gas grenades from Fallout New Vegas. They're probably used to create clouds of gas you can ignite with a plasmid or whatever.
  • It'll be good to have my baby back The crossbow was my favorite in my quest to get bioshocks "I Chose the Impossible" trophy (Most apropriatly named trophy EVER, of all time). Mostly due to my discovery that I could kill any non boss splicer with a single well placed incediary bolt to the head. Coupled with the retreivable ammo it was absolutly amazing and made stealth a viable option
  • ...So it doesn't kill things? I know it is supposed to be stealth based this time around, but that is sort of a bummer. I guess it probably isn't the only weapon (or maybe it is) but I was kind of looking forward to killing splicers as her. Also it isn't the same giant Uber-bow that was in the original. It's a much smaller one hander.
  • Sounds fun I loved the crossbow in the original, can't wait to use it again!

  • I think it's sad that Infinite has to go back to Rapture. Elizabeth is hot and all, but Bioshock 1 is the only classic game of the lot. Instead of playing the Rapture DLC, I would rather play Bioshock 1 two more times. Playing Infinite in Rapture would be like listening to a cover of Bohemian Rhapsody. Not shat, but sure not genius.
  • Here's hoping they can make a GOTY edition this year, because I would love to play this.
  • Can it also reintroduce shooting bees at people? That was pretty great.

  • I should play the first, Burial At Sea DLC. I imagine it's pretty cool seeing Rapture in it's prime.

  • I missed the crossbow. So many found memories we shared from my first foray into Rapture.

  • Awesome, loved the crossbow!! I hope episode 2 is a bit longer than episode 1. I wasn't disappointed with the story but it did seem a bit short. That said, the return to Rapture was very pleasing.

  • Nice. Can't wait!

  • Man, I loved that damn weapon in Bioshock. I don't think I ever used another weapon once I got it. Electricity and a bolt to the face took out most splicers, while the other trap bolts helped with Big Daddies.

    Sad to see the bolts Elizabeth has at her disposal. None of them seem to capture the pure awesomeness that was the crossbow in Bioshock, but I'm hoping for the best.

  • Bows in games are awesome.

  • Didn't anyone else play Stranger's Wrath? The Gas Bolts will almost certainly be used to momentarily disorient a group of enemies within a small radius. This is accomplished by releasing a foul odorous gas with a high sulfur content that stinks like farts and makes people wretch. You're welcome. ;)
  • The crossbow seems similar to the crossbow in Splinter Cell: Blacklist

  • Man, I'm excited for this DLC. I'm still convinced it will end the series. I hope it does...even if BioShock was my favorite game of last generation. As much as I love BioShock and enjoyed Infinite, I can't think of what they could do next after the ending of Infinite.