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Resident Evil 4

Capcom Further Compares Resident Evil 4's SD And HD PC Port With Video

Capcom has released a pair of videos showcasing the upcoming ultimate edition of Resident Evil 4 for PC.

The first video below shows the opening of the game running with the standard-definition texture pack at 30 frames-per-second. The second video similarly shows the game's opening moments with the high-definition texture pack running at 60 frames-per-second.

SD 30 fps

HD 60 fps

For more comparison of the upcoming ultimate PC edition of the game head here. You will be able to download the game on Steam starting February 28.

For more games like Resident Evil 4 that publishers can't seem to stop re-releasing, head here.

[Source: Capcom Unity]

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  • Woah, dude! It's like day and night!
  • Let it die Capcom.
  • You can tell the framerate is better, but its seems like the colors are better on the SD one, but they may just be darker.
  • For a struggling company, this is a waste of funds.
  • One of the more unremarkable HD upgrades I've ever seen.
  • Looks almost identical to me. I guess for the few people who have never played it, it would be a viable purchase.
  • I'd say the brick fireplace looks better in the SD version. A waste of time and money that could've been spent remaking Resident Evil 2. SORT IT OUT CRAPCOM.
  • They really have to keep proving this, don't they.

  • Personally, the thing that is most surprising to me, is that this game runs n everything except a toaster and the Vita.

  • just reboot the freakin franchise already!
  • Lets see. This started as a gamecube game. It was then ported to the ps2 with more features. Then it was ported to the wii with motion controls. Later it got a hd remake for the ps3 and 360. Now its getting another hd remake with higher fps for the pc.
  • please port it to the XB1!

  • waste
  • Here is what I do not understand, why does Capcom not make another RE game in the spirit of RE4 (not a shorter carbon-copy like RE5, more along the lines RE:Revelations)? I mean, they would not keep re-releasing it unless they are still selling which means there is still demand for such a game.
  • It looks the same to me. I think capcom should do what Microsoft did with Halo Anniversary. I would buy that in a heartbeat. As of now I'm not touching this version, Capcom has already suckered me into buying this game way to many times and everytime I replay it I like it less and less. The controls are just horrible and I can't go back to them when there are games like Dead Space now with superior controls.

  • The 60 fps is really the only big difference. I feel I need them playing side by side to see the major differences in texture quality... which means there isn't much at first glance.

    I do sort of like the idea of some kind of perfect edition of classic games, but the amount of times this game has been re-released already is silly.

    They should have done a complete graphical overhaul similar to Halo Anniversary for this.

  • But frame rate doesn't matter right guys? Right?

  • I may give this one a go. I know there was a PC version made before, but I heard it was utter crap (mostly control issues) and...well, I've realized that most of Capcom's games play exceptionally well on PC these days.

  • I like that they're revisiting the, in my opinion, best Resident Evil game but I wish they completely redid it from the ground up. Now THAT would be something to brag about.

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