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Hegemony Rome: Rise of Caesar

Kalypso’s Digital Label Bringing Hegemony Rome To Steam Early Access

Another publisher is dipping its toe into the Steam Early Access waters. Kalypso Media’s digital label, Kasedo, is bringing Longbow Games' Hegemony Rome: The Rise of Caesar to the platform on February 12.

Rise of Caesar is the sequel to historical strategy title Hegemony Rome: Wars of Ancient Greece.  The paid pre-release version contains approximately 12 hours of gameplay, most of the features, and the first two chapters of the campaign. 

The title will be available beginning on February 12 at a discounted price, with a full release planned for this Spring. Kasedo is not the first publisher to take advantage of Steam’s Early Access program. Ubisoft has offered three titles, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, Might & Magic X: Legacy, and Ghost Recon Online, through the service. 

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  • From the main page: "Another publisher is asking gamers to help support development by purchasing an unfinished game." -- EA should start printing 'Early Access Edition' on the cover art for their games. After 2013, with gems like SimCity, NBA Live and Battlefield 4, they seem to be doing the same thing as here, but on consoles, and without the honesty.

    Early Access is fine, btw. "Next Car Game" proved that to me, but it's just a good model for smaller devs and diehard fans interested in seeing things come together, and for any project who's appeal is questioned by traditional investors. What's not cool is charging $60 for a supposedly finished game.

  • Did I miss something or is the publisher Kasedo not Kalypso? I thought it was from the makers of Tropico, the whole reason I clicked on the article. lol (EDIT) Okay I feel dumb just did some research and reread the article. Kasedo is the digital label of Kalypso. My bad...