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Resident Evil 4

Capcom Releasing Ultimate Edition Of Resident Evil 4 On PC

Capcom has announced that it's re-releasing Resident Evil 4 onto PC, in what the company is calling the ultimate HD version of the game. The game, which will be available at the end of February, will run at 60 FPS for the first time.

Capcom says visual improvements include sharpened text and texture upgrades on environments, characters, and other in-game objects. It's also been optimized for widescreen displays.

Players who preorder the game on Steam will get access to a 60-track soundtrack and a digital artbook. The game will unlock when it's released February 28.

Resident Evil 4 was remade as Resident Evil 4 HD on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and released in 2011. The game was originally released on the GameCube back in 2005.

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  • How many times can you re-release a game as HD? Jaysus.

  • I was about to replay this on my PS3. I'm still mad at the amount of effort they put into the HD remaster but it's one of my favorite games so I still play it from time to time. I know this might seem stupid but I hope they re-release it on the PS4 with the 60FPS and supposedly better textures. And add in some more damn trophies. I got 100% with two playthroughs. And I really want Resident Evil Remake in HD. I think that is the best one.
  • Im picking this game up no question about it

  • Im picking this game up no question about it

  • If the game looks as good as revelations on PC, then I will gladly replay this game since the time I played it on PS2.

  • The way I see it, Capcom should've done this on their first HD rerelease. I'd like a Wii U version.
  • Ohh this is exciting. I certainly fall in the camp of people that feel this was the last great RE game, and I only own it for the Gamecube, so a PC version will be cool for me.
  • Why is everything about graphics now?

    I am more than happy with how the original release looked on the GameCube....

  • Screenshots are way too bright for Resident Evil game, even if it isn't one of the survival horror ones...

  • I used to have a PC copy but I never got very far thanks to the lack of a game pad. I beat it on PS2 though. Anyone know if this version will have mouse support at all?
  • hmm. tempting, I might say.

  • Good job! Now bring it to the PS4 and XB1! :)
  • Omg Capcom, RE4 has probably been re-released more than all street fighters combined now... -_____- I guess I'll get this game though anyways x(

  • LEON!
  • YESSSS!!!!!

  • If they can make enough off of this to make RE2 again I'm all for it. I haven't played RE4 in years and a decent price point would make this reasonable.

  • Awesome play PC look kill him fast walk moon trigger woah blood. Quick zombie fun upscale the tutor mode.
  • The game is almost 10 years old and it still looks good.

  • My fav Resident Evil with Steam Achievements! Should be fun to play through it all over again.

  • Wonderful. Already played a while ago on Wii, but haven't tried it in HD yet, so this is on my list.