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The Banner Saga

Delivering A Unique Story With A New Approach

The Banner Saga is a story-driven strategy game, which raised over $700,000 on Kickstarter. Stoic Studio, the small indie team behind the The Banner Saga, is made up of ex-BioWare employees.

In the video below, the developers explain how travel gameplay elements will have an effect on the player’s story and the characters the player meets. 

The Banner Saga hopes to deliver a unique story with its low-fantasy approach to Norse mythology and its emphasis on player choice. If you want to see more of The Banner Saga before its January 14 launch date, see their announcement trailer here.

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  • Sounds unique and interesting. May have to keep my eye on this so i can at least try it later. Could be a nice time sink and im diggin the animated comic look.

  • This game looks awesome. I love the art style.

  • Sounds kind of like fighting turn based strategy battles while exploring the oregon trail.

  • I played it for a bit and rather enjoyed it.

  • Maybe.

  • The artist is amazing.  

  • Looking pretty damn good