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Stories From The City Video Series Kicks Off Today

Square Enix and Eidos-Montréal will be sending Garrett out into the streets in just under four months. Today, the pair have released the first narrative-focused video in the Stories from the City series.

This trailer is narrated by Basso, safecracker turned fence. He’s anti-hero Garrett’s main point of contact, and someone who has seen the city deteriorate under a sickness known as “the gloom.”

You can check out the video below and read up on our hands-on impressions from New York Comic Con. You can also read more about the story in our Gamescom 2013 interview with narrative directer Steven Gallagher. You can also see all of our Thief coverage from the April 2013 issue here

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  • This iteration of Thief looks incredible, and Garrett looks cooler than ever. I'm sure that this game will be a hit among fans of dishonored and elder scrolls. I get that vibe from it.

  • It really is too bad that, Stephen Russell, will not be lending his voice talents to Garrett in this new iteration of, Thief. That being said, I'm cautiously optimistic, that this might turn out alright. Many people were worried about Deus Ex: Human Revolution. However, barring some of it's glaring issues that it once had, the Director's Cut is the best version thus far -- not too mention fun.

    I just hope they address why some of Garrett's greatest and staunchest antagonists, being the Hammerites, and the Pagans, are nowhere to be found in the title. This really bothers me. Being a long-time fan of the series, I often found the language/dialogue of the two remarkably refreshing, especially in a saturated fantasy market.

    I have so many questions. Hmmm.

    "A rod of iron, in the flame, is transfigured and is no more. Thou canst never return unchanged from the forge." -Rite of Ordination to MasterForger
  • The hero of this game looks so goddam awesome but the devs are real douchebags to only show his hands while in game... Brilliant!!!

  • Ah yes, "the Gloom". Otherwise known as that "Rat Plague" thing from Dishonored. And don't try to defend it with "but Thief was first!". The franchise never had some sort of plague slowly killing off the city like this, which is EXACTLY what Dishonored did before them.
  • That voice... Was lame.

    That dialogue... Lame.

    The best thing about this trailer was the end...

  • I think this game is going to turn about to be freaking awesome, I'm more interested in the story than anything.. Oh yeah, stealing everything in sight sounds great too. The dude in the trailer is totally giving me the Mad Hatter vibe!
  • Dunwall, is that you?

  • Meh, from what I've seen, this doesn't look nearly as good as the previous entries in the Thief series. It's like it's trying too hard to be some iteration of Dishonored and not Thief. I'll probably rent the game first, before writing it off entirely, but I don't plan on buying this.

  • I get so tired of people whining and comparing it to a PC only game that probably 80 percent of current gamers have never played. Seriously Thief was a great game for its time. But its time was over years ago. This game need to be judged against current title on its own merits and not against a game that came out ten years ago with all the inherent flaws of the games of its era.