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Star Citizen

New Star Citizen Trailer Introduces The Anvil Hornet Lineup

Robert Space Industry's Star Citizen has raised over $21 million in funding, and if the latest trailer is any indication, the money is getting put to good use. Turns out $21 million can buy some very impressive visuals.

This video, which keeps in line with Star Citizen's car commercial theme, shows off the Anvil Hornet line of spaceships. You can check out the impressive trailer below, and learn more about the game by heading to the official website.

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  • wow, visuals are superb in this game
  • Success written all over it.
  • Judging by their aim, those fighters were definitely manned by stormtroopers.
  • Actually were just about to hit 24 million, since the Hornet variants released today pledges have shot thru the roof.


  • Is this on xbox?
  • Well I upgraded and now I have a Super Hornet...
  • This game is going to be truly amazing.

  • i looked at there website about a month ago and i have no interest in paying $75 for one ship.........
  • i will have to get a new graphics card just to play it

  • If someone could enlighten me I would appreciate it. I have been to the website, looked on the FAQ's and intro videos, but I just don't get it. What is Star Citizen? EVE clone? Rogue Squadron? It looks cool and I want to like it, but I need something to get hooked on other than its for PC and it is a Space Sim MMO. I would love it if it had the economy and sense of exploration of EVE, but with real time flying and fighting rather than cool downs and spamming buttons. I need a little bit help. Thanks
  • Game looks amazing!

  • When I get ice cream, I too have to fight my way through the grocery store banditos that plague interstellar space. Maybe a Hornet is right for me?

  • You know these commercials are nice and all, but I was disappointed that none of these ships have any specifications. They have pledge tiers for different ship types but no way to really know how much better one ship is vs. another.
  • Mmmm ice cream...

    must be empire stormtroopers, they're the only ones that would blindly run into asteroids.

  • I needz dis.......

  • By golly that looks sweet.

  • This is the first game in more than a decade that has my PC on its knees - with the top-end setting I get a *** framerate... That's in the HANGAR, with nothing going on.

    Gonna wait till the release month to do a major upgrade, should be in time for Cyberpunk 2077 as well. :)
  • The Roberts know how to make a space sim!