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Magicka Wizard Wars

Magicka: Wizard Wars Is Now Available Through Steam Early Access

Magicka's unique spell combination system has made it a cult hit. Paradox Interactive has now thrown the doors open to it's in-development PvP spin-off, Magicka: Wizard Wars. It's available now via Steam Early Access.

The title is being offered at three different price points with different perqs. These range from $12.99 for the starter pack through $49.99 for the Impressive Founder pack. For the full run-down on what each includes and to purchase, head over to the Steam page.


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  • Looks like a lotta fun. Wish I had a working PC.

  • Anyone else tired of these Early Access releases? I get the whole concept, yeah, it worked well for Minecraft, but it seems like every even mildly interesting game is pushing these out, and making me bored of the 1/2 finished game long before the game even actually launches. Just launch the game when it's done already.

    P.S. - what happened to the days when BETAs were free?
  • The game is pretty fun, but it needs ALOT of work. It has server issues galore. The tutorial is a bit confusing, and the hero's gear needs a bit more explanation.

    But other than that, the spell combinations are fun and interesting. I also realized that I need to work on improving my micromanagement skills.