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Blood Bowl 2

Focus Releases First Screens

The latest in the series that combines American football and Warhammer to gory effect is coming to PC, and we've got the screens to prove it.

Blood Bowl 2 has been confirmed for PC so far, and will be developed once again by the French studio Cyanide. These first screens show the human player Blitzer from the Reikland Reavers team. No official release date has been given. Watch the teaser trailer below.

  • Crendor automatically wins
  • This reminds me, how's that Mutant Football League Kickstarter going?

    *Checks Kicktraq* Oooooh. Oh well; sucks for fans of that old game. Then again, it is the devs' fault for asking fans of a 20 year old Genesis cult hit to fund a 2014 iOS game. Y'know who couldn't less of a carp about iOS games? People who remember what a Sega Genesis is :P

    When will developers learn? If you're going to resurrect something that came on REAL platforms, pledge the new ones for REAL platforms as well. Especially with self-publishing available on PC & Wii U right now and coming with the PS4, Steam Machines & XBone in the future. There's really no reason to head to mobile now. There's a massive disconnect between the audience you want to help fund your game and the audience who games primarily on smartphones. Dizzy Returns, James Pond, now Mutant Football League - old school devs need to learn this before heading to Kickstarter.
  • Well, the grass looks nice.

  • Already looks better than Madden.

  • Looks like a Blitz ripoff. Looks kind of fun though.
  • i really wanna see gameplay of this

  • I hope it's a little bit like Blitz. Can't wait to see more about this game.
  • Lil Skittles better be making a comeback. Or I will be angry.
  • I'll be sure to avoid the first two or three iterations. If they follow the business model of the last Blood Bowl game then they'll release the exact same game with a few new teams for the exact same price as the original. Rinse and repeat every year. I bought Blood Bowl for $30. Then Blood Bowl Dark Elves came out for $30. Then Blood Bowl Legendary edition for $30. Then Blood Bowl Chaos Edition for $30. Learn to appropriately price basic DLC.
  • Sweet screens.

  • Cant wait!