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First Gameplay Of Frictional Games' Soma, Due In 2015

Frictional Games has been building up interest in its next title, Soma, with live-action narrative trailers. Those have set the stage for this first bit of gameplay that shows Frictional's trademark first-person horror set in space.

We've also learned that Soma is due out on PC and PlayStation 4 in 2015. That gives us enough time to steel our nerves. Maybe.

You can watch the first two live-action shorts here and here.

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  • Amnesia in space? Pants, you there? I am just warning you to prepare yourself.

  • Hopefully this is better than A Machine For Pigs, but to be fair Frictional Games didn't really develop that (it was thechineseroom who screwed it up).
  • Hmmmm, another one pushing me to PS4 territory. Horror games have been pretty big let downs over the past generation with few exceptions.
  • All machines are evil.

  • Looks Awesome I need to upgrade my PC here.

  • dope sick!!!!!!!!!

  • Balls. That is scary.

  • Sweet!

  • I love this... but I hate not being able to fight back. I'll still play this, wondering why someone would completely ignore their "fight" response and simply stick to "flight". I know you may disagree - it's just my preference.
  • I never take the bucket off of my brain. He should know better.

  • This is so *** up!! I love it!

  • Holy *** this looks dope. The real Amnesia 2 lol i gotta get this

  • Ah, get me all excited then tell me 2015. Bummer.

  • So epic looking my goodness.

  • Mod

    Really liking the look of the game. The inside of that place past the wall kind of resembles the derelict ship in Alien, or more specifically, just H.R. Giger's work in general.

    I'm not too keen on the voice acting if I'm being honest, but that's a minor quibble. I'll definitely check this out for my PS4 when it releases.

  • I knew it I have no mouth and I must scream.

  • This looks super creepy, I want to play!! Is this only on PC?
  • Looks awesome!

  • Added to the list of things to buy for the PS4.  Can't wait to try it out!

  • Holy ****. Looks fantastic. And coming to PS4 as well! If it weren't for The Order: 1886, this would be my most anticipated upcoming game.

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