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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Lightning Returns Crosses Over With Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Square Enix is crossing over two Final Fantasy titles. Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII and the upcoming Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be in MMO Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, and elements of the MMO will be in Lightning Returns.

Players can fight alongside her in one of the MMO's Full Active Time Events, which are periodic battles. If you complete this event, you'll get equipment (including weapons) that are based on those in Lightning Returns.

Conversely, if you play Lightning Returns, you can acquire a Miqo'te costume (see gallery below) by tracking down clues. Also, Lightning Returns players can obtain weapons and shields themed after the city states of A Realm Reborn by completing side quests in Lightning Returns.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is available now for PC and PlayStation 3, and will release for the PlayStation 4 sometime in 2014. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (click for the game's TGS trailer) comes out for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 on February 11.

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  • Lightning looks so cute with those ears, lol

  • really SE i get fan service but thats a little much given 2 fully different universes/worlds of the 2 games. and do honestly that many ppl care about lightning? i mean shes fine i guess but i honestly don't see her appeal overall to have 3 games and spinning into others at random like this.
  • I haven't picked up FFXIV:ARR yet, and when I do I'll definitely play that dungeon - playing alongside Squall would be cooler tho... I'm stoked for those fans that loved FFXIII and are getting more of a good thing. I enjoyed FFXIII, just not interested in XIII-2 or Lightning Returns. I can't wait for XV!!!
  • How is final fantasy 14? Anyone been playing enough of it for a decent opinion?
  • XIII still hasn't interested me. Everything I hear about it is so-so. Seeing this, everything looks like a costume dress up simulation! With RPG elements.
  • Jesus Christ, how many outfits does this woman have?!?? Is Lightning a Barbie or something now? That seems to be the only part they're advertising for this game.
  • Crossing my fingers for a story I can actually follow this time around. Not interested in these skins though.

  • Square lost me when they tried to have me put dresses on Yuna FF10-2..........And they never got me back, nothing I have seen even tempts me to change my mind.
  • Anyone who has played Dissidia should be familiar with FF universe crossovers. I'm sure there will be a story element explaining why Lightning is in Eorzea. A Realm Reborn is an amazing game for anyone looking to get into it.

  • I mean, Lightning was cool and everything...

    but she ain't that cool.

    I don't get all the pub.

  • It's a cool idea, but I wish better characters were crossed over instead. Granted I haven't gotten XIV yet so I don't know if others are in the game, but there are so many other characters that deserve to be crossed over instead of Lightning.

    To be fair some of the better ones such as those from VII-X (excluding IX as its great cast is left out for some reason) have been featured in other games plenty of times before. But even so I'd rather have them and/or a couple others from the older games and XII, which are all hardly ever mentioned, over Lightning any day. I'm not very fond of XIII in general and she wasn't very impressive in Dissidia either. This and the costume options in XIII-3 just feel like a desperate attempt to make gamers who have no interest in the XIII games...get interested. And for the record, it isn't working. If anything it's pushing me further away from the games.
  • I wonder when the Lightning FATEs will be available. Maybe around the release of Lightning Returns.

  • I don't get it...

    I really don't get it Square.

  • That's pretty neat... seems a *tad* lazy though. I mean, they just ripped the model & animations out of Final Fantasy XIII, right? It sure looks like it, along with newly modeled cosmetic items for the normal player characters, which is fine. But how about letting the character designer(s) for FFXIV: Realm Reborn give her a new outfit or something? Tetsuya Nomura's insane, psuedo sci-fi/Japanese popstar/crazy fashion anime hero style doesn't quite mesh with Final Fantasy Online's aesthetic, y'know? Just a little bit of a disconnect there :)

    But Lightning is cool; always a welcome presence in my book. Been a fan of hers ever since it was made clear that she has no patience for all the trite, melodramatic anime BS every other castmember of FFXIII would regularly spout. She really seemed to hate them - JUST LIKE ME! Never understood why some people can't seem to stand her, although I'm sure the general, overt "shoving her down our throats" from Square-Enix probably plays a factor. It's also kinda weird and fetishy how she's become such a plaything for Square-Enix lately; more of a doll with which for them to play dress up than a cool character, it seems. But despite certain things diminishing her, this is a neat little bonus nonetheless.

    Though, it's much cooler how Final Fantasy XI, Dragon Quest X and A Realm Reborn will have crossover content. Even though DQX may never release here, you really should also mention this: www.animenewsnetwork.com/.../final-fantasy-xi-dragon-quest-x-final-fantasy-xiv-get-3-way-crossovers

  • Cool.