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Battlefield's Vehicle Designer Dives Into BF4's New Tools

Vehicular combat has been one of the things that sets the Battlefield series apart from its contemporaries. A new developer blog post outlines some of the major changes that players encounter when they take a ride in Battlefield 4.

According to Patrick O'Shaughnessy, the game's senior vehicles designer, special attention has been paid to the naval warfare. As he explains in the post, naval combat is fundamentally different from the rest of the game. For one, it can be difficult to get other players into naval units. People have a tendency to get inside a vehicle and stay inside; they don't often swim around in open water hoping for a ride. To help solve the problem, the team leaned on the game's transport helicopters. The vehicles act as spawn points, and players can easily leave (thanks to parachutes) if they realize the pilot isn't going where they need to be.

The post also delves into changes in vehicle customization. Unlike in Battlefield 3, optics and countermeasure unlocks are in their own slots. O'Shaughnessy says that should encourage players to use both, instead of relying on countermeasure protections as a default means of survival. Other topics include tweaks to the way vehicles are disabled and how combat-oriented tanks are now vulnerable to attacks from above.

It's a long read, but well worth the time for Battlefield 4 gearheads. For more details on the game's multiplayer kits, read our earlier preview on the game.

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  • I already pre-ordered for xbox and really cant wait to get my hands on this game and batman Arkham origins.

  • It's weird for me because the vehicle parts in Battlefield or any FPS are the worst part for me yet that's Battlefield's thing. Well that and blowing sh- up which is what I really love. I was checking out next gen preorders on vgChartz.com and Battlefield is #1 for PS4 and #2 on Xbox One. With PS4's #2 being CoD Ghosts which is Xbox's #1. That's exciting for Battlefield fans. There's a huge demand over first party launch titles. I know if I could only pick one game to start off my next gen experience it would be Battlefield 4 too.
  • They WANT people swimming around? I find that weird. However, I do like the addition of jetskis to most/all of the bigger vehicles. Yet with this additional spread of players, anyone on PS3/360 that just gives more space to spread the 24 players you already have spread across the maps.
  • When will everyone see that Call of Duty is like a cartoon and BF4 will give you PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). Yeah...It's that good!
  • Bought and Bought for my X360 and my Xbox One
  • Sounds cool but I just hope they have balanced the power of the vehicle with the people on foot taking it down. In BF3 it seemed like people on foot were very under powered.
  • Hopefully it will turn out as well as it has looked in the previews.

  • I don't understand why people are saying this "is Battlefield 3.5". No, it's what Battlefield 3 was supposed to be.
  • Im excited for a lot of different things in this game but something i'm really going to love is the insane amount of weapon camo and now i just found out vehicles have camo too!im so excited! the weapon and vehichle attachment options are great too but the camo is going to be awesome!
  • Can't wait to get my hands on some of the updated tanks and such.

  • Can't wait to get my hands on some of the updated tanks and such.

  • Sounds like lots of cool changes, +1 DICE.

  • All I want is decent lag compensation for consoles so that the game counts every bullet I shoot. Instead of how BF3 counts most bullets but often seems to lose some in the progess. I mean my 3 up 1 down connection isn't great, but it should still be more than good enough especially when I give the PS3 a static IP and DMZ it. Helped, but definitely didn't fix it. Oh, and snipers should be more powerful than nerf guns. Seems the only way for a OHK is a headshot or hope the person you're shooting at is already hurt -.-
  • I honestly was hoping they would nerf things like Ammo Boxes, Repair Tools, and some other vehicle/equipment related things.

    I can't even count the amount of times I've rage quit because people just sat somewhere with infinite ammo throwing grenades, using grenade launchers, etc, etc. You shouldn't be able to spam crap like that. Ammo Boxes should only refill your primary weapon and side arm. They shouldn't refill things like grenades or equipment.

    Same goes for repair tools. Completely asinine that a helicopter can have 2 people infinitely repairing it faster than another helicopter can damage it or stingers/IGLAs can bring it down. Same goes for tanks. Every tank fight I ever go into in BF3 was who had more people repairing their tank.

    I know these things will probably never change because that would alienate those that like that sort of thing, which is probably nearly everyone. There are just some times in Battlefield where it becomes infuriating and I have to stop playing.
  • I can't probably going to be my first PS4 game!!!

  • meh...

  • How is this even half of a sequel if it doesn't even add anything new to the series? Graphics are shiny, but they don't make a good game.

    WHERE ARE SHIPS AND SUBMARINES? BF1942, the first BF game had them. Commander is NOT a new feature, they're just holding back on content so they can release multiple tiny upgraded versions of this game every 2 years or release it as DLC later on.

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