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Tex Murphy: The Tesla Effect

New Trailer Shows Off Full-Motion Video And More Of The Story

Anyone who thinks trends like sandbox voxel games, military shooters, and roguelikes are new phenomena in the gaming industry didn't live through the full-motion video boom of the 1990s. These titles took point-and-click adventures in a new direction, with real actors performing on a green-screen set.

While the fad has largely died off, one Kickstarter-funded project is bringing it back. The Tex Murphy series was an interesting anachronistic experiment featuring a hardboiled gumshoe in a futuristic San Francisco.

The upcoming return to that world, The Tesla Effect, stars original actor Chris Jones. Big Finish Games will be releasing the title in early 2014 with publishing and distribution support from Atlus.

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  • well, this is an interesting development.

  • The acting hasn't gotten any better.....
  • Interesting

  • Well, what an interesting retro thing to do.

  • I like how the guy's eye patch is peeling off.  Same cheesy stuff, but I really liked the first one - except I couldn't finish it as one of the discs became unreadable.

  • I think there is a reason this Genre died... this looks supidly cheesy with a heavy dose of uncanny valley (real people, low-budget CG environments?), chalk this one up as a big 'ol PASS for me.
  • Its sad to see that this 90s game has more originally then the game they just place on the front cover for the month.....
  • Umm... I feel uncomfortable watching this video. lol

  • Mod
    I think that's cool that Tex Murphy using FMV'S, I grew up on them, lol. My favorite FMV of all time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUtaxyA6W2o
  • This looks awful, but in the best way possible. I'm getting such a nostalgia overdose watching this awfulness. There isn't enough ways to say how much I loved this trailer. I think this genre could have a fighting chance if they go the b-movie campy route this seems to be going.

  • Oh that reminds me, I wish they would bring back Myst.

  • Jones doesn't look like he's changed much. That's a good thing. I miss that super cheesy over the top ridiculousness.

  • Wow, June Lockhart!