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Star Citizen Reaches $18 Million In Funding, Adds First-Person Combat Stretch Goal

In a recent update on the Roberts Space Industry website, the developer announced that $18 million have been raised towards the creation of Star Citizen.

The $18 million mark was reached only one week after the game had raised $17 million. Along with the announcement, a new stretch goal or the game was also revealed. If the $20 million milestone can be reached, first-person combat on "select lawless planets" will be added to the game.

For more information on the game, and to get on board, head to the official website.

[Source Roberts Space Industry via Joystiq]

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  • FPS you say... Was it only 3rd person before? I hope they keep the option to toggle the view
  • Fantastic! this deserves funding!!

  • 18.6 million, expect to see a news flash for 19milllion soon...