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Star Citizen

Star Citizen Reaches $18 Million In Funding, Adds First-Person Combat Stretch Goal

In a recent update on the Roberts Space Industry website, the developer announced that $18 million have been raised towards the creation of Star Citizen.

The $18 million mark was reached only one week after the game had raised $17 million. Along with the announcement, a new stretch goal or the game was also revealed. If the $20 million milestone can be reached, first-person combat on "select lawless planets" will be added to the game.

For more information on the game, and to get on board, head to the official website.

[Source Roberts Space Industry via Joystiq]

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  • Can't see this game living up to all the hype. They keep promising the world.. And then another world. I hope I am wrong, I would love to see this game succeed. I just don't have a good feeling at this point.
  • This game is looking amazing, I just hope it really delivers.

  • Another fine example of PC gaming, and the space simulator genre.
  • This game looks like it'll be amazing. If this turns out anywhere near as good as it looks, I'm upgrading to a gaming PC.

    Edit: That picture made me think of Mass Effect, and now I'm wishing BioWare would do something on a similar scope with the next one...
  • Too many stretch goals delay the game and create scope creep. I wish the on foot segments were in the game to begin with, but hopefully they can pull this off in a great way. If they can combine the great ship combat and a compelling on foot experience, I'll be 100% behind this game. I'm just not a big "vehicular" game kind of person.

    Edit: Strangely enough, it's extremely difficult to find answers regarding this game on their website. No FAQs, straightforward explanation, I barely even understood what this game has become until I found a few other, non-official sites. Not really liking the fact people can subscribe like an MMO. I can see people abusing the hell out of this just to get ahead in game. I really liked the way this game looks, but the more I read into the less it sounds like a fun experience for me.
  • The more money they raise the longer until this game comes out lol

    Ill have kids of my own in college by the time I play this!
  • Can't wait :D

  • I hope this game lives up to the hype its fans are giving it.
  • So is this the first AAA Indie game or something?
  • first person combat on the ground?
  • Very much looking forward to this. Just bought the base package the other week to check out the hanger download and thought how cool it would be to be able to use a blaster or other weapons when on foot. I'll bide my time with X Rebirth (also looking amazing) and trying to figure out what the hell Kinetic Void is all about.
  • Never heard of this game and it doesn't really intrest me... :/
  • I'm so proud to be a supporter of this amazing game! GI needs to add in the video of this picture that shows off the size and scale that Chris Roberts wants in the ground exploration.

  • I'd just like to clarify some things for anyone that might be new to Star Citizen. Mostly topics derived from this article.

    1) Yes, CIG keeps promising more and more worlds. Currently there will be 150+ solar systems to visit/explore upon launch (most with multiple planets). CIG also promised that they will continually deliver new content through out the games life span, some of this will be new systems.

    2)Stretch goals don't delay the game, but help fund it. CIG hopes to fully crowd fund Star Citizen and avoid publishers. The stretch goals not only give people something to look forward to, but encourage people fund the game and even bring in new members.

    3)"On foot segments." This feature has been in the game from the start, originally to walk around ships (some of which are massive), ports, space stations, and ship to ship boarding (on foot combat). The new planetary combat they're talking about for the future stretch goal broadens this as most planets/space stations are in lawful space and relatively safe on foot.

    4)If you're looking for additional, in depth details about the game, there is a FAQ page, though your best bet will be the community forums. The members are usually very friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to help. Also there's an "Ask the Dev's" section with tons of great info.

    5) This is not a subscription based game. You pay once and are free to play the game as much as you like. I believe some people are confusing this with the "Centurion," or "Imperator" subscriptions. These are not for gameplay but to help fund the development process, additionally you gain access to more development information, progress, and concepts than the general public or backers.

    6) Pay for in game money? To an extent, there will be a cap to how much you can buy. This is for two reasons; 1) Not everyone has the time to play extensively so this is a means of compensating. 2) There is no subscription to play, so to continually develop new content and keep the game alive for years to come CIG does need a source of funding. Currently you can buy cosmetic items, ships, and a select few weapons (the weapons available however are some of the most common in the game and very basic).
  • I won this game in a contest thanks to the Linus Tech Tips forum :D. I can just SORT OF run this game!
  • A lot of people seem to be in two groups when they're not official backers of SC. They either doubt this project, thinking it's too ambitious and will not live up to expectations. Or they don't know anything about it and make all kinds of wrong assumptions from it being F2P to it being a subscription MMO. People just need to be educated of this game.
  • Wow, seriously? No b*tching about first person shooter-type combat in the game? Out of every game to complain about it, this one you aren't? Fine, but let's actually try to keep it that way then.
  • Well from what I've seen from people who have donated to this project. Star Citizen is rather impressive game. Though with X Rebirth been comforted to be in the final stages of development and soon to be release. Star Citizen has a major competitor and a vet at that in the galaxy of Space Sim style games. Both have their areas they are shooting for but both are clearly going to leave a mark on how Space Games should be. This is for sure. Yet for just for a game to be a KickStarter game. It is still impressive say the least.
  • Wow. I hope it does well then.

  • man so excited about this game. by the time its out, i should have a new pc. good luck to the team.
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