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September DayZ Developer Diary Offers AI And Multiplayer Updates

DayZ creator Dean Hall has released a new 20-minute developer diary that offers updates on the game's development progress.

The diary offers plenty of gameplay footage from the former mod turned full-release. Until now, the game has been using modified AI from Arma II, the game from which DayZ was born, but Hall revealed that the decision was made to completely rewrite the AI code from scratch for DayZ.

The diary also showcases interface changes that were born as a result of feedback on the game during Gamescom.

To check out the previous developer diary, head here. At one time, DayZ was set for release in 2012, but the game received a hefty delay.

[Via Joystiq]

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  • I really hope this comes to next gen consoles.
  • I plan on getting this game and I can't wait! I just hope the hackers stay away from it. I don't mind bandits but people that hack the mod are annoying.
  • Not a bad thing at all.

  • I understand this is still fairly early, but the animations look more than a little rough...
  • Looks awesome. I was watching this to see how combat and the Zombie AI look, but all I got was a ton of info about other stuff and for some reason a rat.

  • lul tey add teh nein gag meme mask to dayz! LOL!

  • I really hope they release it on next gen!! /:

  • I'd buy this on the X1 in a heart beat.

    I love ArmaII Day Z.

  • give us THE GAME ALREADY. you cant test the servers till you give it to people. so come on now.
  • shooting while moving, finally. :)

  • Pretty cool but I want to know when the full release will be available.

  • We had a falling out DayZ, but requiring me to open my beans (because in real life you can't just open beans with your hands) and the ability to find a Guy Fawks mask makes me want you all over again.  You have won this battle.