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Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures

Retro Masochism Abound In The Nerd's First Adventure

Fans of ScrewAttack’s Angry Video Game Nerd series know that the titular poindexter loves tearing apart punishing old school games. But what if the Nerd was stuck inside a game like the ones he plays on the show? Developer FreakZone Games has set out to answer that question. During a hands-on session with the game I rode a shark through lava, flew on Silver Surfer’s board, and evaded hazardous phalluses.

AVGN Adventures harken back to the 8-bit days, packed with instant-death lasers, disappearing platforms, and bottomless pits. FreakZone aims to punish players with challenges borrowed from games like Mega Man, Castlevania, and other difficult classics. One “power-up” the Nerd gains is the almost useless rock from the Friday the 13th NES game. AVGN Adventures is packed with tons of nods to gaming’s past and ScrewAttack’s series complete with potty mouthed insults from the Nerd about the game he’s trapped in.

Speaking of nods to the show, the Nerd is joined by other playable characters from the show. A guitar-toting skeleton shoots wavy, Fester’s Quest-like beams, another packs Luigi’s floaty jump and a lightsaber, and a fecal friend with a double jump ability. The Nerd rescues these friends throughout the game, leading to a Castlevania III: Curse of Dracula mechanic that allows players to tackle challenges how they please. Bullsh*t Man’s double jump is especially useful for avoiding the one hit kill blocks scattered throughout the game.

I used a 360 controller while playing, and it felt great. Leaping across narrow platforms and gunning down enemies feels similar to the Mega Man series. The tight and reliable controls make dodging traps by mere pixels feel good. 

Whether you’re a fan of the show or not, AVGN Adventures has some hilarious and memorable moments. The Nerd blasts a shark swimming in lava with his NES Zapper and rides on its back, runs past pixelated damsels inspired by perverted Atari 2600 games, and snowboards down a mountain on Santa’s bloody corpse. The art style is as random and sometimes generic as the games it’s inspired by, but the levels I played ooze nostalgia. The game hits familiar video game tropes like haunted mansions, fire levels, snow levels, and more.

Games like Super Meat Boy, Mega Man 9, and Spelunky have taken the spotlight in recent years thanks to their emphasis on challenging old-school gameplay. AVGN Adventures continues this tradition of unforgiving action while mixing in unobtrusive references to the show. Masochists and AVGN enthusiasts should check out this downloadable when it hits Steam later this month.

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  • Someone made a game about the Angry Video Game Nerd? THAT'S FREAKING AWESOME! !!!!!
  • Having been on a huge Community Kick (talk about being late to that party), this reminds me of their 8-bit episode.

  • Been waiting to see this in action! James is the best.

  • Cinemassacre 4 Lyfe

  • Yes

  • Nice! I remember playing Friday the 13th a long time ago...having the rock weapon alone makes me interested in it :P. Honestly though, parody games are a soft spot for me...I'm a fan of the genres,and sometimes I like the odd comedy revolving around them.

  • I love AVGN videos, the jokes he makes always make me laugh, and I always go searching for more videos I missed just to keep me entertained. If I could see a good enough review for this game, then I'm buying it.

  • I can't wait to watch AVGN play this:) I love Cinemassacre!

  • The AVGN was and is a formative part of my development as a geek, and I'm quite excited to see how this turns out.

  • I got this feeling he's going to do an episode raging about this game.

  • Can't wait to play this.

  • Rated M for language, language, and more language

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  • Oh, the irony if it turns out to be a bad game...

  • This sounds like a perfect idea.

  • This looks hilariously awesome.

  • Yeah, the AVGN isn't funny, and so many other REAL people I have personally worked with who know more about video games than this guy. But, fanboys will be fanboys. Whether they are Call of Duty kids, or people who think this guy is funny. This is why I stay off sites like this. Want a review for a game that's more than 2 years old? You won't find one on Gameinformer- the MTV of the video game industry.