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Mew-Genics Teaser Trailer Celebrates Cat Breeding With A Song

Team Meat, the development duo behind Super Meat Boy, has delivered a teaser trailer for its upcoming game, Mew-Genics, in honor of PAX 2013.

If you're at PAX this weekend, Team Meat is giving away special Mew-Genics coloring books, so make sure to stop by the Mew-Genics booth.

For less om Mew-Genics, but more on Team Meat, check out our recent feature on Indie Game: The Movie, which features an extended interview with Team Meat's Edmund McMillen.

[Source: Team Meat]

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  • O.O Don't know if amazing or scary

  • I have no idea what i just watched, but wow is that catchy.  

  • I am so intrigued now. I can't wait for more on this game. And that song is great.

  • Meeeeeeeeeeew-genics.  I can't wait to play this game, Super Meat Boy and the Binding of Isaac were all hilariously morbid.  I have a feeling this game will be too.

  • So hilariously cutely creepy.

  • Team Meat + Cats? I'm all over this like white on rice.

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  • BEST..... SONG..... EVER!!!!!!

  • you take a cat, rub it on a cat, then that cat gets all fat, not too sure what's up with that, mewwwwwww-genics.