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Panzer General Online

A World War II-Themed Strategy Game You Can Play In A Browser

Today Ubisoft announced Panzer General Online, a turn-based, free-to-play browser game in development from Blue Byte.

Panzer General Online will include both single and multiplayer modes. Campaign missions, which Ubisoft says will act as advanced tutorials, take players to famous World War II battles at sites like Omaha Beach and Monte Cassino. When facing real players, you'll have to outsmart your opponents using a personalized miniature army of foot soldiers, airplanes, and armored units.

The Panzer General series originated in the mid '90s. This is Blue Byte's first time using the Panzer name, but it's the studio's fifth free-to-play, browser-based game.

Check out the trailer below if you're interested in seeing more about the game's Army men toy aesthetic, or head over to the official Panzer General Online site to register for the closed beta.

  • Hmmm.... looks very...interesting.

  • Man, there are so many free-to-plays hitting the spotlight lately.

  • That was pretty dramatic. It looks like it should be good fun, I wonder where they will pull the money in from.

  • I've been wanting to play this board game for a long time. I'm surprised they went with a trailer like that, its not indicitive of the board game at all. Of course you can see that from the screen shots.