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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1 – Faith Review

Our First Look At Telltale's Twisted Fairytale

Telltale's The Wolf Among Us brings to life a graphic novel universe that takes a disturbing take on traditional fairytales (which were pretty disturbing to begin with).

For the scoop on The Wolf Among Us, check out Kim Wallace's excellent feature on the game. Then watch the new trailer below, which shows main character Bigby (a.k.a. The Big Bad Wolf) interacting with the games numerous fable characters. You can already tell its hard-boiled, noir vibe is far from The Walking Dead.

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  • The Walking Dead was awesome and I am a really big fan of the Fable comic line, so I'm really excited for this! **Also, Bigby is a boss and seeing him (and hopefully Snow) before the comic story will be interesting.

  • Mod
    Telltale, stop making games. Get into show writing already. You guys are amazing, and an inspiration to upcoming game designers that prove that you don't need AAA values to make a great selling comic game.

    Arkham City and Walking Dead are two completely different games, made by different teams, with different game-play, themes, and values, that have both moved me on equal levels. Can't wait for this one.
  • BIGBY IS THE BEST! If you can say you knocked up Snow White under mind-control and had seven babies, one of which who is a ghost, then you can fight him to see who is better. He is like a magical Wolverine that can stomach more booze. Plus, I saw BUFKIN; he's my profile picture.
  • I liked The Walking Dead, but I didn't find it to be great, mostly because the environment/theme of it was just a bit tiring. But this, this is something else. I've read the Fable comics and loved them, and now I can hardly wait until I can play through a prequel to them.

  • Looking forward to this, but in the meantime just enjoying myself catching up with the Fables stories.  Fun stuff and glad to see Telltale taking this on!

  • i absolutely can not wait for this game. release date please!

  • Never read Fables but if it's anything like the Walking Dead game count me in.

  • I need this, now

  • I just wanna listen to Kavinsky everytime I see photos from this game.
  • Want. Now.

  • WHEN. I need this now!

  • I'm interested in this. Telltale took me by surprise by "The Walking Dead" so I'll be following this game. ;)

  • What?! No GIO trailer posted? Why on earth do we have to go over to IGN for it? Didn't GIO get the rights to it? Oh well, I liked Walking Dead so maybe I'll have some faith in this.

  • Cool. If the storytelling and emotional level is anywhere near as high as in The Walking Dead you can call me excited! :)

  • can't wait!!!!!!

  • I WANT IT!

  • Seem interesting.can't wait!

  • GI: Hey guys!  There's this awesome new trailer for the fables game coming out soon!  Check it out!  Ohhh...you want to actually...watch it?Well...I'm not exactly sure why you'd want to do a thing like that...but go over to IGN or something, they'll probably have it.

  • Fables is absolutely perfect for a game series, and this game looks fantastic.  Easily, my most anticipated game

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